Red Sox: Surgery on for Tuesday

BOSTON -- Curt Schilling will have surgery Tuesday on his
injured right ankle.

The Red Sox ace was examined by doctors on Sunday. The exam had
been pushed back twice the past two days because of scheduling

Schilling has a torn tendon sheath in his right ankle that
hobbled him during his first start of the AL championship series
against the New York Yankees. At first, doctors thought his season
was over, but Dr. Bill Morgan stitched his tendon in place so it
didn't flop over the ankle bone.

With blood seeping through his sock, Schilling defeated the
Yankees 4-2 in Game 6, then helped Boston sweep the St. Louis
Cardinals in the World Series with a victory in Game 2.

Schilling will need six weeks of rest and six weeks of
rehabilitation, so any delays could cause him to miss the start of
spring training.