No new proposals were exchanged

NEW YORK -- The Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks spoke
Wednesday about Randy Johnson for the second time in three days,
and New York moved closer to finalizing contracts with free-agent
pitchers Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright.

Yankees president Randy Levine spoke with incoming Arizona chief
executive officer Jeff Moorad a second time, a baseball official
said on condition of anonymity.

No new proposals were exchanged during the conversation, and the
two planned to speak again, the official said.

Also Wednesday, the Yankees and agent Scott Shapiro agreed that
Pavano's deal will include a team option for a fifth season and
that the contract will guarantee the right-hander $39.95 million.

Pavano, who decided to pitch for the Yankees last weekend, gets
$9 million in 2005, $8 million in 2006, $10 million in 2007 and $11
million in 2008, with the sides likely to convert some of each
year's salary into a signing bonus.

New York would have a $13 million option for 2009 with a $1.95
million buyout, but if Pavano achieves certain appearance levels,
he would have the right to void the option, in which event he would
not get the buyout.

Wright's $21 million, three-year contract, which calls for
annual salaries of $7 million, will have a provision that gives the
Yankees the right to void the third season if he has a serious
shoulder injury during the first two years that causes him to go on
the disabled list for a specified period, which will be set at
60-90 days.

If Wright remains healthy, he would gain the ability to void the
third year of the contract and become a free agent again.

In both deals, New York and the players still must agree to
contract language.