Los Angeles supports Anaheim

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- Los Angeles doesn't want its name
associated with the Angels.

The city of Los Angeles filed a brief Wednesday supporting
Anaheim's lawsuit that claims the name Los Angeles Angels of
Anaheim violates the team's stadium lease.

Los Angeles calls it "improper" for the Angels to use the name
of a city in which they do not play or pay taxes. The brief says
Orange County Superior Court "should reject the Angels' attempt to
profit from the Los Angeles name they abandoned long ago."

"Los Angeles and its residents share a close bond with the
city's major professional sports franchises. ... Those teams play
at home stadiums located within the Los Angeles city limits," the
brief said.

"The Angels are not a Los Angeles team and should not be
identified as such," the brief added, calling the team's new name
"misleading and confusing."

It's unclear whether Los Angeles' brief, which came without any
formal authorization from the City Council, would have any
relevance in court.

Last week, Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt said his team
opposed the name change but wouldn't support Anaheim in court.

The Angels said the name change, announced earlier this month,
is intended to increase fans, advertisers and broadcast contracts,
by emphasizing the team's connection to the nation's second-largest
media market.

When founded in 1961, the team was the Los Angeles Angels. It
became the California Angels with the move to Anaheim in 1966 and
then the Anaheim Angels in 1997.