City continues legal action against Angels, L.A.

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Council members voted Tuesday to appeal a
judge's refusal to grant a preliminary injunction to the city in
its attempt to block the Angels from adding Los Angeles to their

The team, formerly the Anaheim Angels, is now called the Los
Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

"We recognize that most pretrial appeals are not successful,
but ... this decision merits further review and the city must
pursue every available legal means to obtain the benefits that were
promised the people of Anaheim under the contract in 1996," Mayor
Curt Pringle said in a statement.

Superior Court Judge Peter Polos last month also denied a
request for a temporary restraining order after the city sued the
Angels, claiming the name switch would violate the team's lease of
the stadium. The judge, however, said that the contract requires
only that Anaheim be included in the name.

"We regret that Arte Moreno and the Anaheim Angels' management
have forced us to pursue this lawsuit and continue to implore him
to reconsider this misguided marketing effort," Pringle said.

A phone call to Angels spokesman Tim Mead seeking comment was
not immediately returned.

The team has maintained that the new name would attract more
fans, advertisers and broadcast contracts by emphasizing its
connection to the nation's second-largest media market.

Anaheim, which provided nearly $30 million to renovate the
club's ballpark, said the change would harm tourism.