Retired McGwire has stayed away from field

JUPITER, Fla. -- St. Louis manager Tony La Russa thinks Mark McGwire will become a hitting instructor with the Cardinals at some point.

McGwire mostly has stayed away from ballparks since his retirement after the 2001 season.

"I just know he's another year away from playing, and in conversations I had with him, he knows he has something to offer
hitters," La Russa said Thursday. "I don't know that it got that
close [this year], but there's no doubt that at some point he wants
to share with the guys."

Half-jokingly, La Russa said he'd make it easier for McGwire to return by keeping him out of the spotlight.

"I'd love to see him here," La Russa said. "I told him, 'You come here and we'll hide you in the back. No interviews, nothing, just for the baseball."'

Former Oakland teammate Jose Canseco has accused McGwire of using steroids. McGwire issued a statement denying the accusations but has refused requests for interviews.