Jocketty apologizes on behalf of Cards organization

DENVER -- St. Louis Cardinals general manager Walt Jocketty
apologized to the Colorado Rockies for comments by radio
broadcaster Wayne Hagin suggesting Colorado first baseman Todd Helton used steroids.

"He said on behalf of their organization that he was sorry, and
that Todd Helton is one of the finest people in baseball," Rockies
general manager Dan O'Dowd said after a conversation with Jocketty
on Monday.

Hagin was a Rockies announcer before taking a job with the St.
Louis team.

Dan Farrell, the Cardinals' senior vice president of marketing
and sales, said Hagin would not be disciplined.

"It's the Cardinals' understanding that the comments were taken
out of context. It's been clarified as to specifically what Wayne
was talking about," Farrell said. "We apologize to Todd and to
the Rockies for any problems this may have caused. As far as we are
concerned, it's a closed matter."

In an interview Saturday with a St. Louis radio station, Hagin
said, "I know (Helton) tried it because (former Rockies manager)
Don Baylor told me. He said to me, 'I told him to get off the
juice, that he was a player who didn't need that, get off it."

The comment was widely reported as a reference to steroids, but
Hagin has insisted he was talking about supplements.

"Not once did I say 'steroids," Hagin said. "They have
sensationalized this."

Baylor later said he was referring to creatine, a legal
over-the-counter supplement.

Helton denied using steroids.

"It's frustrating and disappointing that you have to defend
yourself for something you didn't do just because some guy wants to
talk to hear himself talk," Helton said in Tucson, Ariz., where
the Rockies are in spring training.