Reliever found to have foreign substance in glove

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Los Angeles Angels reliever Brendan Donnelly was ejected for having a foreign substance in his glove in the seventh inning of Tuesday night's game against the Washington Nationals. He had not thrown a pitch.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia then came face to face with Nationals manager Frank Robinson, who had asked the umpires to examine Donnelly's glove.

Both benches emptied and, although there were apparently no punches thrown, several players were pushing and shoving each other.

Washington players had to restrain Jose Guillen, the Nationals' right fielder who was suspended by the Angels late last season for throwing a temper tantrum. The Angels traded him in November.

Scioscia and Robinson, meanwhile, were separated by some 15 feet but continued yelling at each other.

With the Angels leading 3-1, the game was delayed by some 10 minutes, and Scot Shields replaced Donnelly. When the Nationals took the field for the bottom of the seventh, Scioscia asked the umpires to check pitcher Gary Majewski's glove, which they did -- and made him fix the loose laces on the glove.