Christiansen named as Bonds' brawl partner

LOS ANGELES -- Barry Bonds put in a rigorous workout Tuesday, but the San Francisco Giants slugger was not activated off the disabled list.

Bonds was on the Dodger Stadium field well before his teammates, lightly running the bases, shagging fly balls, taking some swings
and doing cutting drills under an intense sun. Later, he took his
turn with the rest of the Giants in the batting cage.

Bonds will be evaluated Wednesday morning at the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic, team spokesman Blake Rhodes said.

He was scheduled for a simulated game Wednesday, but that was moved to Thursday at SBC Park because the Dodgers had scheduled a team photo and the Giants couldn't get the Dodgers Stadium field.

The 41-year-old slugger has yet to play this season while recovering from three operations on his right knee since Jan. 31. He has been in Los Angeles for two months rehabbing his knee and practicing his hitting.

"We waited a long time, so if we wait another day or two or
three, it's OK," Giants manager Felipe Alou said.

Bonds also worked out Monday, but Alou got his first good look at the slugger in action in the outfield Tuesday and said, "His swing is intact. The hand-eye coordination is intact. The bat is ready. The other stuff, I don't want to get into."

Bonds impressed Alou by fielding several line drives hit by a

"I saw balls that were hit where he had to run and stop. I
didn't see much favoring in the knee," Alou said. "He's so much
better than he was in spring training. That was a real workout."

Bonds told reporters Monday that he didn't know when he would return. On Tuesday, Bonds wasn't talking to reporters, Rhodes said.

Bonds' No. 25 jersey hung in his locker and he sat munching half of a grilled sandwich before his second round in the batting cage.

Pitcher Noah Lowry is eager to see Bonds return to the lineup for the Giants, who had won six straight going into Tuesday night's
game against the Dodgers.

"We've been trying to battle this whole year without that major
factor," he said. "Having him in our lineup is only going to help
us. He's the best player in the game."

If and when Bonds returns, it will likely be in a pinch-hitter's

"He'll probably pinch-hit for anybody in the lineup," Alou

Alou and Bonds chatted in the manager's office after his one-man workout, and Alou said they discussed "possibilities."

"He's still in the hands of the trainers and doctors," Alou
said. "When we're given the green light, we'll stick him in

Also Tuesday, a Giants player told The Associated Press that Bonds tussled with pitcher Jason Christiansen in the clubhouse lunchroom at SBC Park earlier this season in a dispute about one of Bonds' trainers.

The player, who witnessed the June altercation but spoke on condition of anonymity because he did not want to talk publicly about an incident between other players, said Christiansen was frustrated with Harvey Shields, Bonds' personal stretch man now employed by the team.

"I don't think punches were thrown," the player said. "It was
more grabbing. It was regarding one of Bonds' trainers, Harvey."

ESPN's Pedro Gomez reported on Monday that shortly after the unnamed Giants player and Shields exchanged words, Bonds sought out the player inside the clubhouse and had words.

A scuffle ensued in which Bonds punched the player in the jaw, whereupon the player put Bonds in a headlock and retaliated.

The two were separated by players and Giants personnel, though Bonds and the player have since made amends.

Shortly after the scuffle, Bonds left for Los Angeles, so many of his teammates had not seen him until they arrived Monday for the three-game series against the Dodgers.

"He looks pretty good," Lowry said. "It's exciting to see him
back in uniform, back in the locker room. You wonder how he's

Giants spokesman Blake Rhodes told the AP that Bonds told him,
"I never had a problem with that player."

Christiansen said he gets along well with Bonds.

"I don't know why someone would say something like that," the
pitcher said Tuesday night after the Angels lost 3-2 at Boston.
"Me and Barry have a good relationship and I wish him all the
best. It's sad that someone would come up with something like that
on a day like this when Barry is starting to come back. You never
know what motivates people, but I'm glad to see Barry back on the

That was a slight change from what Christiansen said when he
joined his new team, telling reporters he was eager for a fresh
start -- and to get away from Bonds.

"It's good to get out of there," Christiansen said. "You
pitch a good game and they come over and they ask, 'Hey, did you
guys miss Barry today?' I mean, life goes on without that guy
coming out to the ballpark. Over the last five months of the
season, we probably saw him for a total of maybe 20 days, so it was
tough to answer questions about somebody you don't know anything
about -- unless you go onto his Web site. I've never been on it, and
don't plan to. I wish him well and I hope he gets better, but I
have no need to get on there."

Bonds has been providing updates on his health on his Web site,

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.