Piazza likely done playing for Mets

With the New York Mets viewing Mike Piazza as a part-time player, the catcher has likely played his final game in Queens, Newsday reported.

Shortly after the season, Mets general manager Omar Minaya phoned Piazza's agent, Dan Lozano, to tell him the Mets would consider bringing Piazza back, but only in a limited role, according to the paper.

"I think he wants to look around, and I understand that. But we're not closing the door," Minaya told the paper. "If he wants to come back, we may have some interest."

Lozano feels that Piazza could play "two or three more years" and will have options to catch in either league.

"After the World Series, we'll take a look at how many teams want him to catch and how many want him to DH. We're going to move forward based on the responses we get from the teams," Lozano told the paper. The factors, according to the agent, will be role, team and dollars.