Report: Ramirez wants Red Sox to trade him

Manny Ramirez is happy in Boston. He wants to be traded. He's content with the Red Sox. He wants to be traded.

One of Ramirez's representatives told Red Sox owner John Henry that Ramirez again wanted to be sent to a different team and wouldn't report to spring training unless his wish to be dealt is met, a team source told The Boston Globe.

Ramirez has the veteran right -- he is a 10-5 player, meaning 10 years of continuous major league service, five with the same club -- to block a trade to a team he doesn't want to join, and Gene Mato said the slugger might change his mind during the process, The Globe reported.

General manager Theo Epstein declined to comment on the reported trade request.

"Manny, his representatives, and the Red Sox have open lines of communication and will throughout the offseason," Epstein told The Globe. "I think we all want whatever is in the club's best interest and Manny's best interest."

Ramirez also asked to be traded in July, and has asked for such a move before, Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino said at the time.

Henry and Ramirez were scheduled to meet Wednesday, The Globe reported, but that meeting was delayed because of Hurricane Wilma.

Ramirez is due $57 million from his $160 million, eight-year contract: $19 million in 2006, $18 million in 2007 and $20 million in 2008. The deal also includes team options for two additional seasons at $20 million annually.

"Because of the size of his contract, obviously, it's hard," Lucchino said in July. "There aren't a lot of clubs that are going to be interested, but it depends how little you're willing to take in return with respect to trades. I'm not talking about Manny specifically, although it certainly applies to him."

A club might want to make a deal if it asks the Red Sox to pay 95 percent of Ramirez's salary, "but that's not a particularly intelligent thing for us to do," Lucchino said.

He also said this is the fourth straight season in which Ramirez has requested a trade "and our general response was, 'it's that time of year' and we'll explore it as we explore other trades."