KeepManny.com hopes to convince slugger to stay

Some members of Red Sox Nation want to make sure Manny Ramirez remains a citizen.

KeepManny.com was started on Tuesday and now has over 17,000 signatures from fans hoping the slugger remains on the team.

"We here at KEEPMANNY.com do NOT want to see Manny play for anyone else besides the Boston Red Sox. After watching him play in Boston since he arrived via free agency in 2001, we have grown very fond of the quirky and aloof left fielder," the Web site states.

The site goes on to state that trading Ramirez "would be rivaled ONLY by the trade of Babe Ruth. Haven't we learned from our mistakes?"

Red Sox fan Jeffrey M. Guinee, who launched the Web site, explained his motivation in an interview with the Boston Herald.

"Because of the media there's this undertone that Manny's not wanted here," Guinee told the Herald. "But we think that if the masses were heard it wouldn't even be close. It would be like 10-1 to keep Manny."

Meanwhile, Ramirez, who has requested a trade, put his $6.9 million condominium in Boston on the market and gave reporters a tour on Tuesday.

Teammate David Ortiz recently said he doesn't believe Ramirez will be back with the Red Sox.