Nomar undecided; Indians, Yankees less optimistic

Nomar Garciaparra's decision will take at least one more day.

Garciaparra continued to mull a decision on his next employer Thursday. However, his agent told ESPN.com Thursday night, that decision "will not be made today."

The agent, Arn Tellem, wouldn't commit to a Friday decision, either, saying only that Garciaparra would "make the best decision for him and his family in the very near future." Tellem had said Wednesday that Garciaparra hoped to choose a team by the end of the week.

Garciaparra is believed to be deciding among four finalists -- the Yankees, Dodgers, Indians and Astros. Tellem has not been willing to identify those teams but said Garciaparra viewed all of his finalists as "attractive options," and is "weighing them all carefully."

There have been indications over the last 24 hours, however, that the Yankees and Indians have grown less optimistic about their chances of signing Garciaparra. The Indians are believed to be concerned that Garciaparra won't prefer a job as an every-day right fielder. And the Yankees apparently believe that Garciaparra would prefer to play first base in Los Angeles over a job as a first baseman-DH in New York, in part because he owns two homes in southern California.

Tellem had said Wednesday, though, that geography would not be a factor in Garciaparra's decision, and said Garciaparra was confident he could play the outfield if he liked his fit with that team.

Jayson Stark is a senior writer for ESPN.com.