Bonds works out for second straight day

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Barry Bonds' second day in spring training with the San Francisco Giants was much quieter than his highly anticipated arrival, ending with a nap in the clubhouse Thursday.

Bonds was greeted his first day in camp by dozens of media members from around the world, who chronicled his every move. The media contingent was much smaller for Day 2.

"What happened to the mob?" manager Felipe Alou said. "The mobsters."

Bonds hit five home runs in batting practice against first base coach Luis Pujols, including two consecutive longballs into the right field picnic area.

Bonds also nearly decapitated pitcher Matt Morris on a comeback line drive.

"I could have caught that with my teeth," Morris said. "Luckily, I didn't. I'm just throwing fastballs at this point and just trying to find my spots. I'm just trying to get in my work. I'm not competing."

At the end of his workout, Bonds took a nap on the floor in the far corner of the clubhouse, watched over by two members of his entourage.

By contrast with last spring when he basically operated on one leg, Bonds drifted effortlessly under fly balls in left field before batting practice despite a bulky brace on his right knee.

Alou said Bonds wouldn't play in an intrasquad game next Wednesday and would probably be held out of exhibition games in which the designated hitter won't be used. The Giants' concern now is how Bonds will react to running in the field or on the bases.

Bonds, who played only 14 games in 2005 after undergoing three knee operations, enters the season with 708 home runs, seven shy of passing Babe Ruth for second place and 48 shy of breaking Hank Aaron's record of 755.

Closer Armando Benitez put in an inning of work in his continuing comeback from radical hamstring surgery. Benitez missed 96 games last season before returning for the final seven weeks of the season.

"I did everything I would do in the regular season," Benitez said. "I threw sinkers, splitters and fastballs. I feel fine."