Thomas takes high road in response to Williams

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Former White Sox star Frank Thomas and
Chicago general manager Kenny Williams talked by phone for 20
minutes to discuss their escalated verbal feud.

Williams called Thomas "an idiot" and "selfish" Sunday after
reading the ex-slugger's comments in a newspaper interview in which
he reiterated that he wasn't happy with his send-off from the team
after 16 years.

Now with the Oakland Athletics, Thomas called Williams on Sunday
night, left a message, and Williams returned the call.

"I'm going to tell you this. As long as I don't hear another
word about this organization or the members of this organization, I
won't have another thought about this. And we'll move on,"
Williams said Monday.

Thomas, speaking to reporters at the A's complex in Phoenix on
Monday, didn't go into details about the conversation with

"You know, it was a heated discussion. Lasted for a while. But,
I think everything that needs to be said was said," Thomas said.

"We're finished talking. I mean, there's nothing else to talk
about. Actual love lost -- I mean, basically there's not much love
there over the last five years," Thomas said. "So, you know,
we're just moving forward."

That doesn't mean the rift has been mended.

"Patch it up?" Williams said. "There is no patching up."

Thomas agreed.

"There doesn't need to be anything patched up. We're men. We
can handle it over the phone. I wished we had handled it over the
phone before it became national," he said.

"And it's over. It really is."

Williams said Thomas feels he has been misquoted, misrepresented
and taken out of context by his comments since the White Sox bought
him out for $3.5 million in the offseason. Earlier, Thomas said he
thought he was coming back to the White Sox and would not have
participated in a couple of postseason ceremonial duties while he
was injured if he were not.

Williams said Thomas apparently was thrown by the re-signing of
Paul Konerko, which followed a trade for Jim Thome and left Thomas
the odd man out.

"This talk could have been had way back when if he'd returned
my initial phone call," Williams said.

Thomas was not happy when Williams said he should never
criticize chairman Jerry Reinsdorf for an improper send-off.
Williams said Reinsdorf had done numerous things for Thomas,
including loaning him money.

"You know, I went through a very public divorce. He helped me
out in a spot there, of course. But it was nothing loaned. It was
more of my contract," Thomas said.

"I think that was very immature on [Williams'] part even
bringing that up. Jerry's done a lot of wonderful things over
years. I have a great relationship with Jerry Reinsdorf," Thomas

Thomas' new team took his feud with his former team in stride.

"We've got controversy in camp," manager Ken Macha said. "It
was a quiet camp until today. I think it's funny."

A's general manager Billy Beane said Thomas and Williams are
"both competitive and successful," adding, "it's temporary

Thomas' workouts Monday were confined to a batting cage with
hitting coach Gerald Perry soft-tossing to him for the second day.

"The bottom line is that I had a wonderful time in Chicago for
16 years," Thomas said after his workout. "This is a totally new
situation. I'm with a new great organization. I'm on a great new
ballclub. We don't need these types of distractions. We won't have
these types of distractions."