Orioles' Tejada apologizes for obscene gesture

BALTIMORE -- Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada apologized
Thursday for making what appeared to be an obscene gesture toward
the stands during Wednesday's game in Toronto.

Tejada made a gesture after swinging through a pitch in the dirt
from B.J. Ryan and being thrown out at first in the eighth inning.
The Orioles lost the game 4-3.

"I want to apologize to everyone, especially to the Orioles
fans and the fans in Toronto, for my action in Wednesday's game,"
Tejada said in a statement posted on the Orioles' Web site. "I was
frustrated and should not have let things get to me. I am sorry and
hope people will accept that and know that is not the kind of
person I am."

Mike Flanagan, Orioles executive vice president for baseball
operations, said, "We don't condone what Miguel Tejada did. His
actions certainly are out of character with the player and person
we know him to be. The situation is being handled internally and
neither the Orioles organization nor Miguel will comment further on
the matter."