Reports: Nationals preparing to cut Robinson loose

WASHINGTON -- If Frank Robinson's words didn't explicitly reveal that he'll be done as the Washington Nationals' manager at the end of this season, the tears filling his eyes Thursday sure seemed to get the message across.

Robinson, working under a one-year contract, finally got a chance to discuss his future with Nationals president Stan Kasten and general manager Jim Bowden in separate meetings Thursday, something the Hall of Famer has wanted for some time.

"I'm at ease," said Robinson, in his fifth season with the Expos-Nationals franchise.

"Let me say this: I had my say. We sat down, each one, and I had my discussions with them. And I'm very comfortable with what ... I wanted to say about the situation here and my situation. Other than that, I just don't want to go into depth on anything said behind closed doors at this time," he said.

Robinson spoke with Kasten for 20 to 25 minutes and Bowden for a little less, and the manager said: "We agreed to make the announcement later on. ... In the very near future."

Through a team spokesman, Bowden and Kasten turned down requests for comment.

Sources told The Washington Post that the Nationals will tell Robinson that he won't be asked back next season. The Post also reported that partners in the club's ownership group met Wednesday with Kasten and Bowden.

"We are not where we need to be," Kasten told the Post. "But we do have a plan, and I'm really excited about that plan."

On Thursday night, MLB.com also reported Robinson won't return next season, saying an announcement will not be made until Sunday or Monday.

Robinson, a Hall of Fame player in his 16th season as a major league manager, has said he would like a three-year contract to stay with the Nationals.

Asked about the report, catcher Brian Schneider said: "No reaction at all. Right now, Frank's still our manager. ... He's a great man and knows baseball very well."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.