Puckett's remains presented to his children

PHOENIX -- Kirby Puckett's cremated remains were awarded to
the Hall of Famer's children.

Puckett, who starred for the Minnesota Twins, died in March at
45 after a stroke. His body was cremated in the Twin Cities and the
ashes were kept by a funeral home.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Benjamin E. Vatz ruled it
was an emotional hardship to deny the remains to the children --
Catherine, 16, and Kirby Jr., 14. Had Puckett "not wanted his
remains to be in the home of" his children, "then he would have
taken care to express that wish in writing," Vatz wrote in a
ruling issued Monday.

Puckett's fiancee, Jodi Olson, sought the ashes, saying she
wanted some of them for a locket. The couple was living together in
Scottsdale when he died.

The judge also removed Puckett's friend, Brian Woods, as the
personal representative of the Puckett estate.