Boras: Cashman says Yankees won't trade A-Rod

A-Rod isn't going anywhere.

That's the message agent Scott Boras said he received from New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman in a phone conversation about Alex Rodriguez recently, according to a report on the New York Daily News' Web site.

"Brian Cashman and I had a discussion and he made it clear that he has no intention of trading Alex," Boras told the Daily News, "and I told him that Alex Rodriguez has a no-trade clause.

"There will be no movement of Alex Rodriguez this offseason," Boras said.

However, baseball executives are unsure whether Boras' statements are believable, particularly given Rodriguez's postseason struggles and the media scrutiny in New York.

"There's nothing about playing in New York City that he finds as a negative," Boras told the Daily News.

Rodriguez's relationship with manager Joe Torre, who dropped A-Rod to eighth in the lineup during Game 4 of the division series, could be another factor in any decision to trade the third baseman.

"When there was talk about Joe's situation [as manager], Alex was very supportive," Boras told the Daily News. "That's not an issue. I never heard anything from him about [being offended by the lineups]. I think Alex's position is that when you're a player of his stature, you don't really care where you hit. You want to win."

Cashman has said he hasn't received any formal offers for Rodriguez, but executives told the Daily News that several teams have had internal discussions about what they'd be willing to offer in a trade.

However, Boras said he's certain Rodriguez isn't leaving the Big Apple.

"Alex came to New York and has averaged about 40 home runs a year," Boras told the Daily News. "Last time I checked, there aren't a lot of guys doing that. He came here because he wanted to be in a winning situation and the team has been close but hasn't done it yet. He wants to stay and be a part of doing it."