Alou over '99.9 percent sure' he won't return to Giants

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- Free agent outfielder
Moises Alou plans to play next season, but not with the San
Francisco Giants.

"I'm almost sure, more than 99.9 percent sure, that I won't
return with the San Francisco Giants," Alou told The Associated
Press on Thursday.

Alou said he planned to go elsewhere partly because the Giants
did not renew the contract of his father, manager Felipe Alou, at
the end of the season.

"I think I still have a chance to play another year or two, but
it will be with another organization, he said.

The 40-year-old Alou hit .301 with 22 home runs and 74 RBI this
season. He'd said before the season that he thought it would be his
last, but said his performance motivated him to keep playing.

In 14 years in the majors, Alou has played for the Pirates,
Expos, Marlins, Astros, and Cubs as well as the Giants.