Cardinals split record $20 million World Series payout

NAPLES, Fla. -- The St. Louis Cardinals cashed in at the
World Series, earning more money than any other team in history.

St. Louis split $20.02 million for beating the Detroit Tigers. A
full share of that was worth $362,173, the commissioner's office
said Thursday. That was nearly $40,000 more than what White Sox
players received last year.

Teams are allowed to divide the shares as they see fit. The
Cardinals gave 48 full shares, 7.133 partial shares and 16 cash

When the Cardinals won their previous title, in 1982, a full
share was worth $43,280.

A full share for the Tigers was worth $291,668, more than
$50,000 higher than the previous mark for a losing team. The 2000
New York Mets held that mark.

Major League Baseball increased the top price of regular box
seats for the World Series from $185 last year to $250 this season.
The players' pool increased from $40.8 million last year to a
record $55.6 million.

The pool includes 60 percent of ticket money from the first four
scheduled games of the World Series, the first four scheduled games
of each league championship series and the first three contests of
each division series.

Full shares for the league championship series losers came to
$140,625 for the Oakland Athletics and $124,430 for the Mets.

Among first-round losers, full shares were worth $37,539 for
Minnesota, $28,598 for the New York Yankees, $27,340 for San Diego
and $27,035 for the Los Angeles Dodgers. For second-place teams
that didn't make the playoffs, full shares were worth $11,830 for
Toronto, $10,910 for Philadelphia, $10,286 for Houston and $10,155
for the Los Angeles Angels.