Playoff rosters can be reset if series opener delayed

NEW YORK -- Major league teams will be able to change their
postseason rosters if their series opener is postponed.

When their NL Championship Series opener against the
St. Louis Cardinals was rained out last year, the Mets said that if given the
chance they might have carried 12 pitchers instead of 11 if they
had the opportunity to switch. Teams had to set their rosters by
the morning the opener was scheduled to be played.

"The interpretation beginning with the upcoming postseason will
be that a series is deemed to have begun when the lineup cards are
handed in for the first game," baseball senior vice president Joe
Garagiola Jr. said Monday. "Thus, a team involved in an early
rainout of Game 1 of a series will be able to reset its roster,
since the series will not have started."