Matthews doesn't admit guilt but feels bad

Gary Matthews Jr. is sorry. He still isn't prepared to discuss allegations that he purchased performance-enhancing drugs from an online pharmacy, but he apologized to the Angels on Sunday for the maelstrom the story has created.

Gary Matthews Jr. Matthews Jr.

"Gary regrets the distraction this story has caused the Angels' front office, the manager and his staff, teammates and fans," Matthews' agent, Scott Leventhal, said in a statement.

"However, given the ongoing investigation, he simply cannot discuss this matter until appropriate to do so. Gary sincerely apologizes for this distraction and is determined to resolve this issue in a timely manner."

Angels owner Arte Moreno has urged Matthews to explain his side of the story and has vowed to have the situation resolved by Opening Day. Matthews' attorney, Robert Shapiro, has advised his client to remain silent since the allegations arose from an active government investigation.

Matthews parlayed a career year with Texas last season into a $50 million free-agent contract with the Angels. This isn't the return on their investment the Angels were seeking.

New Angels teammate John Lackey addressed the possibility that Matthews could have his contract terminated.

"Arte runs the show," Lackey told the Los Angeles Times. "He makes the call."

Lackey chose to concentrate on what Matthews could offer on the field.

"Everybody's excited to have him," Lackey told the paper. "I don't think guys are worried about it at all. It'll blow over. We'll play the season, and he'll help us out. I feel bad for him. He's trying to get adjusted to a new team. I know for a fact he wants this to be over and done with, and I'm sure he's got people behind the scenes telling him not to do certain things."