Busch is 15th MLB stadium to go totally smoke-free

ST. LOUIS -- Busch Stadium, home of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, is going smoke-free starting next month.

The club announced Monday it will prohibit smoking inside the
ballpark beginning opening night April 1.

Busch Stadium will become the 15th of 30 ballparks in Major
League Baseball to go completely smoke-free. Smoking has been
prohibited in the stadium's seating areas since 1995.

Smokers will be allowed to exit and re-enter the ballpark at
three designated exit and re-entry gates.

"Unlike old Busch, which generally had open-air concourses, the
new ballpark is designed with many services, amenities and access
areas such as stairwells which are enclosed," Cardinals president
Mark Lamping said.

Lamping said fans asked for the no-smoking policy.