Cubs' Lee, Padres' Young ejected after fight

CHICAGO -- Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee swung at San Diego pitcher Chris Young after he was hit by a pitch in the fourth inning Saturday, setting off a benches-clearing skirmish between the teams.

The two players were ejected, as were Padres pitcher Jake Peavy
and Chicago hitting coach Gerald Perry.

Young hit Lee in the back of the upper left arm with the pitch,
knocking him to the ground. Lee got up, walked by Young on the way
to first, then said something to the 6-foot-10, 260-pound

After the pitcher apparently responded, Lee threw a punch that
didn't land. Young tried to throw a punch back that missed. Then he
and Lee tried to connect at the same time.

By that time both benches had emptied, resulting in pushing,
shoving and holding in a scrum as several players fell to the
ground before order was restored.

The Padres were not happy Friday after Alfonso Soriano homered
off David Wells, stopped at the plate to admire the ball and then
started his home run trot with a few steps backward.

Young did not allow a hit in his three innings-plus Saturday and
was replaced by Justin Hampson.