No suspension handed to Crawford yet after ejection

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Tampa Bay left fielder Carl Crawford
hadn't heard Tuesday from major league baseball officials about any
potential sanctions, one day after he was ejected for arguing after
a close play at first base.

Crawford was called out by umpire Paul Nauert after hitting a
bases-loaded grounder to shortstop in the third inning of Tampa
Bay's 9-7 win over Baltimore Monday night. Crawford immediately
spun around after crossing first base, ran toward Nauert and then
used both hands to throw his helmet to the ground.

At that point, Nauert ejected Crawford. The Devil Rays All-Star
then jumped on the back of Tampa Bay first base coach George
Hendrick, who had gotten between the pair.

"I don't know what's going to happen," Crawford said Tuesday.
"I just never got angry in front of the public like that. It's not
so much me not getting a hit, that was an important part of the
game. I've never got into it with the umpires or nothing like that,
but for some reason calls go against me a lot of times. If I've
done something to the umpires that I don't know about, I would like
to take this time to apologize."

Television replays appeared to show that Orioles first baseman
Kevin Millar may have been pulled off the bag by shortstop Miguel Tejada's throw.

"I saw his foot off the base, I saw me beat the ball,"
Crawford said. "I was pumping my fist because I just knew I was
safe. It surprised me more than anything."

Crawford hasn't watched a replay of the play.

"I don't even want to watch the tape," Crawford said. "I
don't want to get madder every time I watched it.