A-Rod says talks with Yankees are 'in the bottom of the fifth inning'

NEW YORK -- Alex Rodriguez said contract talks with the New York Yankees are "in the bottom of the fifth inning."

A-Rod didn't go into detail but in a video interview with
MLB.com posted over the weekend did refer to negotiations that are
leading toward a $275 million, 10-year contract with the Yankees.

"When the time is right and I have a proper forum ... I think
it's important for New York fans, for the New York Yankee fans, to
realize exactly what happened, from A to Z," said Rodriguez,
expected to win his third AL MVP award Monday.

Rodriguez did talk about how he approached Yankees senior vice
president Hank Steinbrenner to restart negotiations after agent
Scott Boras told the team A-Rod was opting out of the final three
seasons of his $252 million, 10-year contract.

"I think it's the best way you can do things, you know, and I
felt sometimes, you know, the messages can be mixed up and you may
be getting some information that is not 100 percent accurate," he
said. "I just took it upon myself to call Hank and, you know, talk
to him and have a chat with him one on one."

The sides have agreed to the outline of the deal and are working
to finalize it. Rodriguez talked about his desire to stay in New

"Long after baseball, New York is going to be part of our
lives," he said. "I have some unfinished business in New York."