Dominican players who had been suspended have visas reviewed

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- United States consular
officials in the Dominican Republic are reviewing visa applications
from professional baseball players who have served suspensions for
using performance-enhancing drugs.

"We're working very closely with Major League Baseball on
this," U.S. embassy spokesman David Searby said. "Any controlled
substance that's on the list triggers these kinds of reviews."

Players who are not U.S. citizens need work visas before they
can arrive for spring training. Baseball union head Donald Fehr
said Sunday that the union will attempt to ensure foreign players
are treated the same as U.S. citizens.

"I just heard recently that an issue of that type had risen.
Our position would be that players from wherever they come have to
be treated the same as American players," Fehr said.

"We would help out in any way we could to make sure that
someone is treated the same way an American player would be
treated. I don't know what the result would be, but that's our
view, everyone has to be treated the same way."