Thome wants to keep playing

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Jim Thome plans to see age 40 from a big league dugout.

The Chicago White Sox slugger said Wednesday that he'd like to play at least two more seasons in the majors to get homer No. 600 and the World Series ring that's eluded him for 18 seasons so far.

The 38-year-old designated hitter said he felt worn down at the end of last season, and it took him a little longer to recover.

"Your body, as you get older, you feel different," Thome said. "Still, I feel good now."

Thome hit 34 homers last season with a .245 average and 90 RBIs. His long homer in the seventh inning of the one-game playoff against the Minnesota Twins on Sept. 30 gave the Sox a 1-0 win.

It was homer No. 541 for the slugger who broke into the majors as a third baseman in September 1991 with the Cleveland Indians before leaving for Philadelphia in 2001. The Phillies traded him to Chicago before the 2006 season.

"I would like to hit 600 homers. I would love to win a World Series," Thome said. "I would love to see my [18-month-old] son watch what I've done."

Thome needs 59 homers in the next two seasons to reach No. 600. His last full season with fewer than 30 was 1995, when he hit 25 for the Indians.

Thome, who has never been linked with steroids, said he was surprised by the recent revelations about Alex Rodriguez's steroid use.

"Unfortunately, it seems like we can't move on," Thome said. "Personally, I don't think he ever needed to do it. He's that good."