Hall of Fame: Who's "your" guy?

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Dale Murphy

Photograph By Rich Pilling/Getty Images

We asked our Hall of Fame voters to make a case for a player they feel particularly strongly about.

Jayson Stark: Did you know that back in 2000, Dale Murphy got more HOF votes than Bert Blyleven AND Jack Morris? Of course, back then the people voting had all seen this man play. What those voters saw was a two-time MVP who had an eight-year run (1980-87) in which he led the whole sport in total bases, created more runs than Rickey Henderson, piled up more Wins Above Replacement than Dave Winfield, Gary Carter or Eddie Murray, won five straight Gold Gloves and collected both the Lou Gehrig and Roberto Clemente Awards. And in an election in which character and integrity seem to matter more to modern voters than ever, isn't it time to factor in Dale Murphy's off-the-charts score in Character And Integrity Above Replacement? It's his final year on the ballot. So if we don't do that now, we'll never get another chance.