Pat Borders Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through July 29, 2005 Year to Date
Apr 4@ PITW 9-2Did not play
Apr 6@ PITW 10-2Did not play
Apr 8@ CHCW 6-3Did not play
Apr 9@ CHCL 4-0Did not play
Apr 10@ CHCL 6-5Did not play
Apr 11vs PITW 6-2Did not play
Apr 12vs PITL 4-2Did not play
Apr 13vs PITW 6-2Did not play
Apr 15vs STLL 3-0Did not play
Apr 16vs STLL 5-3Did not play
Apr 17vs STLL 3-2Did not play
Apr 18vs LADL 7-3Did not play
Apr 19vs LADL 8-6Did not play
Apr 20@ HOUL 6-1Did not play
Apr 21@ HOUL 8-7Did not play
Apr 22@ SFW 6-1Did not play
Apr 23@ SFL 6-2Did not play
Apr 24@ SFW 8-5Did not play
Apr 26@ STLL 5-3Did not play
Apr 27@ STLL 6-3Did not play
Apr 28@ STLW 4-3Did not play
Apr 29vs CINW 4-3Did not play
Apr 30vs CINW 6-5Did not play
May 1vs CINW 13-3Did not play
May 3vs CHCW 4-1Did not play
May 4vs CHCW 4-3Did not play
May 5vs CHCW 6-5Did not play
May 6vs NYML 7-4Did not play
May 7vs NYML 7-5Did not play
May 8vs NYMW 5-4Did not play
May 9vs PHIL 4-2Did not play
May 10vs PHIW 8-5Did not play
May 11vs PHIW 5-2Did not play
May 13@ PITW 4-3Did not play
May 14@ PITL 2-0Did not play
May 15@ PITL 4-2Did not play
May 16@ WSHL 5-2Did not play
May 17@ WSHW 8-2Did not play
May 18@ WSHL 1-0Did not play
May 19@ WSHL 3-2Did not play
 Previously with MIL, Acquired by SEA
May 20vs SDL 6-1Did not play
May 21vs SDW 5-3Did not play
May 22vs SDW 5-030100001000.500.333.833.333
May 24@ BALL 3-2Did not play
May 25@ BALL 3-130000000000.286.167.453.167
May 26@ BALL 5-2Did not play
May 27@ TBL 5-4Did not play
May 28@ TBW 3-241100110000.273.500.773.200
May 29@ TBW 10-930100010200.286.462.748.231
May 30vs TORW 4-340000000200.222.353.575.176
May 31vs TORL 9-7Did not play
Monthly Totals 171300121400.222.353.575.176
Jun 1vs TORW 3-021210001000.333.474.807.263
Jun 3vs TBL 6-130000000000.292.409.701.227
Jun 4vs TBW 6-5Did not play
Jun 5vs TBW 6-531100000000.296.400.696.240
Jun 7@ MIAW 4-340000000000.258.345.603.207
Jun 8@ MIAL 5-430000000100.235.313.548.188
Jun 9@ MIAW 8-031200000000.289.343.632.229
Jun 10@ WSHL 9-310000000000.282.333.615.222
Jun 11@ WSHL 2-130100000000.286.333.619.231
Jun 12@ WSHL 3-2Did not play
Jun 14vs PHIW 3-120000000000.273.317.590.220
Jun 15vs PHIW 5-140100000100.271.311.582.222
Jun 16vs PHIL 3-2Did not play
Jun 17vs NYMW 5-032210000100.294.354.648.250
Jun 18vs NYMW 4-140000000300.273.327.600.231
Jun 19vs NYMW 11-5Did not play
Jun 20vs OAKL 6-230000000300.259.309.568.218
Jun 21vs OAKL 4-230000000100.246.293.539.207
Jun 22vs OAKW 5-411100000000.258.305.563.220
Jun 23vs OAKL 5-030100000000.262.306.568.226
Jun 24@ SDW 14-540100010000.257.303.560.227
Jun 25@ SDL 8-520000001000.260.294.554.221
Jun 26@ SDL 5-4Did not play
Jun 28@ OAKL 8-130100000000.263.296.559.225
Jun 29@ OAKL 6-2Did not play
Jun 30@ OAKL 6-230000000000.253.284.537.216
Monthly Totals 57613200121000.262.263.525.228
Jul 1vs TEXL 6-220000000100.247.276.523.211
Jul 2vs TEXL 6-5Did not play
Jul 3vs TEXW 2-130100010000.250.278.528.215
Jul 4@ KCW 6-041100010100.250.277.527.217
Jul 5@ KCL 8-630000000100.242.267.509.209
Jul 6@ KCL 5-130000000000.234.258.492.202
Jul 7@ LAAW 10-2Did not play
Jul 8@ LAAW 10-452220010200.242.287.529.213
Jul 9@ LAAW 6-3Did not play
Jul 10@ LAAW 7-4Did not play
Jul 14vs BALL 5-320000000100.238.281.519.208
Jul 15vs BALL 6-3Did not play
Jul 16vs BALW 3-230000000000.231.273.504.202
Jul 17vs BALW 8-2Did not play
Jul 19@ TORL 12-1031200011000.250.284.534.216
Jul 20@ TORL 9-4Did not play
Jul 21@ TORL 6-331110000000.252.295.547.219
Jul 22@ CLEW 4-320000000000.248.290.538.215
Jul 23@ CLEL 4-3Did not play
Jul 24@ CLEL 6-320000000000.243.284.527.211
Jul 25vs DETW 5-340000000200.235.274.509.204
Jul 26vs DETL 8-5Did not play
Jul 27vs DETW 9-340000000000.228.265.493.197
Jul 28vs CLEL 6-5Did not play
Jul 29vs CLEL 10-5Did not play
Monthly Totals 435730041800.182.233.414.163
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau