Deion Sanders Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through October 7, 2001 Year to Date
May 1vs LADW 7-6323001300101.0002.0003.0001.000
May 2vs LADL 7-340000000000.429.8571.286.429
May 3vs LADL 8-650000000100.250.500.750.250
May 4vs SDL 11-510000000000.231.462.693.231
May 5vs SDL 5-230100000000.294.438.732.250
May 6vs SDL 8-210000000000.278.412.690.235
May 7@ ARIW 5-451200000010.304.409.713.273
May 8@ ARIL 4-310000000100.292.391.683.261
May 9@ ARIL 5-240000000100.250.333.583.222
May 12vs HOUL 2-140110010000.250.355.605.226
May 12vs HOUW 5-410000000000.242.344.586.219
May 13vs HOUL 4-3Did not play
May 14vs HOUL 6-410000000000.235.333.568.212
May 15vs ARIL 5-100000001001.257.333.590.212
May 16vs ARIL 2-110000000100.250.324.574.206
May 17vs ARIL 7-230000000101.250.297.547.189
May 18@ HOUW 7-4Did not play
May 19@ HOUL 6-310000000100.244.289.533.184
May 20@ HOUW 6-5Did not play
May 22@ CHCL 5-310000000100.238.282.520.179
May 23@ CHCL 4-220000001001.244.268.512.171
May 24@ CHCL 3-030000000000.229.250.479.159
May 25vs STLL 5-4Did not play
May 26vs STLW 7-230000001000.231.234.465.149
May 27vs STLL 2-000000000000.231.234.465.149
May 28vs CHCL 9-610100000000.245.250.495.167
May 29vs CHCL 10-551210000010.259.283.542.189
May 30vs CHCL 3-130000000000.246.268.514.179
Monthly Totals 5641020143733.246.268.514.179
Jun 1@ STLW 5-140000000000.231.250.481.167
Jun 2@ STLL 8-541100000100.232.250.482.172
Jun 3@ STLL 4-300000000000.232.250.482.172
Jun 4@ STLL 5-241100000000.233.250.483.176
Jun 5@ MILW 4-310000000100.230.246.476.174
Jun 6@ MILW 6-3Did not play
Jun 8@ CLEW 7-430100000001.234.250.484.181
Jun 9@ CLEL 10-2Did not play
Jun 10@ CLEW 9-3Did not play
Jun 12@ CHWL 5-010000000000.231.247.478.178
Jun 13@ CHWL 4-2Did not play
Jun 14@ CHWL 7-520000001100.235.240.475.173
Jun 15vs COLL 8-4Did not play
 Previously with CIN, Acquired by TOR
Jun 28vs BALL 5-0Did not play
Jun 29vs BOSW 8-4Did not play
Jun 30vs BOSL 7-5Did not play
Monthly Totals 192300001301.200.158.358.158
Jul 1vs BOSL 4-0Did not play
Jul 2vs BOSL 16-4Did not play
Jul 3@ TBL 7-2Did not play
Jul 4@ TBW 8-1Did not play
Jul 5@ TBW 7-4Did not play
Jul 6vs WSHL 10-7Did not play
Jul 7vs WSHW 9-8Did not play
Jul 8vs WSHW 9-3Did not play
Jul 12@ PHIW 2-1Did not play
Jul 13@ PHIL 5-2Did not play
Jul 14@ PHIW 4-2Did not play
Jul 15@ NYML 6-2Did not play
Jul 16@ NYML 3-0Did not play
Jul 17@ NYML 1-0Did not play
Jul 18vs BOSL 5-4Did not play
Jul 19vs BOSW 4-3Did not play
Jul 20@ NYYW 10-4Did not play
Jul 21@ NYYW 5-3Did not play
Jul 22@ NYYL 7-3Did not play
Jul 23@ NYYL 7-2Did not play
Jul 24@ BOSL 6-4Did not play
Jul 25@ BOSW 4-3Did not play
Jul 26@ BOSL 6-3Did not play
Jul 27vs NYYL 9-1Did not play
Jul 28vs NYYL 12-1Did not play
Jul 29vs NYYL 9-3Did not play
Jul 31vs MINW 3-1Did not play
Aug 1vs MINW 3-1Did not play
Aug 2vs MINL 9-4Did not play
Aug 3vs BALW 10-1Did not play
Aug 4vs BALW 2-1Did not play
Aug 5vs BALW 5-4Did not play
Aug 7@ SEAL 5-4Did not play
Aug 8@ SEAL 12-4Did not play
Aug 9@ SEAW 6-5Did not play
Aug 10@ LAAL 8-7Did not play
Aug 11@ LAAW 7-6Did not play
Aug 12@ LAAL 6-5Did not play
Aug 14vs OAKW 6-3Did not play
Aug 15vs OAKW 5-2Did not play
Aug 16vs OAKL 8-4Did not play
Aug 17vs TEXW 11-3Did not play
Aug 18vs TEXL 12-5Did not play
Aug 19vs TEXL 8-4Did not play
Aug 20@ MINW 3-2Did not play
Aug 21@ MINW 7-5Did not play
Aug 22@ MINL 6-3Did not play
Aug 23@ MINW 6-2Did not play
Aug 24@ BALW 5-0Did not play
Aug 25@ BALW 9-0Did not play
Aug 26@ BALW 5-1Did not play
Aug 28@ NYYL 4-0Did not play
Aug 29@ NYYW 3-2Did not play
Aug 30@ NYYL 5-4Did not play
Aug 31vs DETL 4-3Did not play
Sep 1vs DETW 3-1Did not play
Sep 2vs DETW 11-0Did not play
Sep 3vs NYYL 7-5Did not play
Sep 4vs NYYW 14-0Did not play
Sep 5vs NYYL 4-3Did not play
Sep 7@ DETW 2-1Did not play
Sep 8@ DETL 4-3Did not play
Sep 9@ DETW 6-3Did not play
Sep 18vs BALW 8-5Did not play
Sep 19vs BALW 4-1Did not play
Sep 20vs BALL 12-6Did not play
Sep 21vs TBL 7-4Did not play
Sep 22vs TBW 8-7Did not play
Sep 23vs TBL 1-0Did not play
Sep 24@ CLEW 3-2Did not play
Sep 25@ CLEL 11-7Did not play
Sep 27@ TBL 5-1Did not play
Sep 28@ TBL 6-1Did not play
Sep 29@ TBL 5-2Did not play
Sep 30@ TBW 6-5Did not play
Oct 1@ BALW 1-0Did not play
Oct 2@ BALL 4-3Did not play
Oct 3@ BALW 7-6Did not play
Oct 5vs CLEW 5-0Did not play
Oct 5vs CLEW 4-3Did not play
Oct 6vs CLEW 5-2Did not play
Oct 7vs CLEL 3-2Did not play