Vinny Rottino Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through October 3, 2012 Year to Date
May 4vs ARIL 5-410000000000.
May 5vs ARIW 4-310000000000.
May 6vs ARIW 3-1Did not play
May 7@ PHIW 5-2Did not play
May 8@ PHIW 7-4Did not play
May 9@ PHIW 10-620000000200.
May 21@ PITL 5-431100000000.
May 22@ PITW 3-2Did not play
May 23@ PITW 3-1Did not play
May 24vs SDL 11-531000000110.
May 25vs SDW 6-1Did not play
May 26vs SDW 9-032200111100.286.462.748.231
May 27vs SDW 2-0Did not play
May 28vs PHIL 8-441100120100.278.588.866.235
May 29vs PHIW 6-300000000000.278.588.866.235
May 30vs PHIL 10-630000001100.273.500.773.200
Monthly Totals 205400232610.273.500.773.200
Jun 1vs STLW 8-0Did not play
Jun 2vs STLW 5-0Did not play
Jun 3vs STLW 6-1Did not play
Jun 4vs STLL 5-410000000000.261.476.737.190
Jun 5@ WSHL 7-620000001000.269.435.704.174
Jun 6@ WSHL 5-3Did not play
Jun 7@ WSHW 3-1Did not play
Jun 8@ NYYL 9-110000000000.259.417.676.167
Jun 9@ NYYL 4-2Did not play
Jun 10@ NYYL 5-431100010110.267.407.674.185
Jun 12@ TBW 11-2Did not play
Jun 13@ TBW 9-121110011010.303.448.751.207
Jun 14@ TBW 9-6Did not play
Jun 15vs CINL 7-3Did not play
Jun 16vs CINL 4-110000000100.294.433.727.200
Jun 17vs CINL 3-100000000000.294.433.727.200
Jun 18vs BALW 5-0Did not play
Jun 19vs BALW 5-0Did not play
Jun 20vs BALW 4-320000001000.297.406.703.188
Jun 22vs NYYW 6-4Did not play
Jun 23vs NYYL 4-3Did not play
Jun 24vs NYYL 6-511000001100.308.394.702.182
Monthly Totals 133210024320.353.231.584.154
 Previously with NYM, Acquired by CLE
Aug 1@ KCL 5-2Did not play
Aug 2@ KCL 7-640000010100.
Aug 3@ DETL 10-210000000000.
Monthly Totals 50000010100.
Sep 4@ DETW 3-2Did not play
Sep 5@ DETL 7-1Did not play
Sep 7@ MINW 7-630000000100.
Sep 8@ MINL 3-0Did not play
Sep 9@ MINL 8-700000000000.
Sep 10@ MINL 7-2Did not play
Sep 11@ TEXL 6-400000000000.
Sep 12@ TEXL 5-2Did not play
Sep 13@ TEXW 5-431100000000.
Sep 14vs DETL 4-0Did not play
Sep 15vs DETL 5-300000000000.
Sep 16vs DETW 7-600000000000.
Sep 18vs MINL 6-5Did not play
Sep 19vs MINL 6-432110001110.188.214.402.143
Sep 20vs MINW 4-340000000000.150.167.317.111
Sep 21@ KCL 6-300000000000.150.167.317.111
Sep 22@ KCL 5-300000000000.150.167.317.111
Sep 23@ KCW 15-4Did not play
Sep 24@ CHWL 5-440000000200.
Sep 25@ CHWW 4-3Did not play
Sep 26@ CHWW 6-411100110000.160.304.464.130
Sep 28vs KCW 8-500000000000.160.304.464.130
Sep 29vs KCL 7-6Did not play
Sep 30vs KCW 15-310000000100.154.292.446.125
Monthly Totals 194310111510.200.368.568.158
Oct 1vs CHWL 11-030000000100.138.259.397.111
Oct 2vs CHWW 4-310000000100.133.250.383.107
Oct 3vs CHWL 9-0Did not play
Monthly Totals 40000000200.
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau