Miguel Montero Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through October 1, 2017 Year to Date
Apr 2@ STLL 4-3Did not play
Apr 4@ STLW 2-1Did not play
Apr 6@ STLW 6-440000000100.
Apr 7@ MILL 2-110000000100.
Apr 8@ MILW 11-6Did not play
Apr 9@ MILW 7-430000001110.
Apr 10vs LADW 3-2Did not play
Apr 12vs LADL 2-0Did not play
Apr 13vs LADW 4-0Did not play
Apr 14vs PITL 4-230000000200.
Apr 15vs PITL 8-7Did not play
Apr 16vs PITL 6-1Did not play
Apr 17vs MILL 6-331200000100.200.143.343.143
Apr 18vs MILW 9-742300120100.316.444.760.278
Apr 19vs MILW 7-410100000000.350.474.824.316
Apr 21@ CINW 6-511100000000.381.500.881.350
Apr 22@ CINW 12-8Did not play
Apr 23@ CINL 7-540100000100.360.458.818.333
Apr 24@ PITW 14-351310001000.419.517.936.379
Apr 25@ PITW 1-0Did not play
Apr 26@ PITL 6-5Did not play
Apr 28@ BOSL 5-400000000000.419.517.936.379
Apr 29@ BOSW 7-441200110100.429.6061.035.394
Apr 30@ BOSL 6-2Did not play
Monthly Totals 3361310232910.429.6061.035.394
May 1vs PHIL 10-210000000000.417.5881.005.382
May 2vs PHIW 8-3Did not play
May 3vs PHIW 5-420100000000.421.5831.004.389
May 4vs PHIW 5-431100120000.405.6411.046.385
May 5vs NYYL 3-2Did not play
May 6vs NYYL 11-610100020000.419.6501.069.400
May 7vs NYYL 5-410000000000.409.6341.043.390
May 9@ COLL 10-440100000200.396.600.996.378
May 9@ COLW 8-1Did not play
May 10@ COLL 3-030000000200.373.563.936.354
May 12@ STLW 3-2Did not play
May 13@ STLL 5-310000000000.365.551.916.347
May 14@ STLL 5-030000000100.345.519.864.327
May 16vs CINW 9-5Did not play
May 17vs CINW 7-522000002100.356.500.856.315
May 18vs CINW 9-5Did not play
May 19vs MILL 6-310000000000.350.491.841.309
May 21vs MILW 13-6Did not play
May 22vs SFL 6-4Did not play
May 23vs SFW 4-1Did not play
May 24vs SFW 5-431210000000.365.517.882.328
May 25vs SFW 5-130100000000.364.508.872.328
May 26@ LADL 4-0Did not play
May 27@ LADL 5-030100000100.362.500.862.328
May 28@ LADL 9-410000000100.357.492.849.323
May 29@ SDL 5-220000001000.356.478.834.313
May 30@ SDL 6-210000000100.351.471.822.309
May 31@ SDL 2-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 354810143900.282.343.625.229
Jun 2vs STLW 3-220100000000.355.471.826.314
Jun 3vs STLW 5-3Did not play
Jun 4vs STLW 7-621000001100.354.458.812.306
Jun 5vs MIAW 3-1Did not play
Jun 6vs MIAW 10-2Did not play
Jun 7vs MIAL 6-510000000100.358.452.810.301
Jun 8vs COLL 4-110000000000.354.446.800.297
Jun 9vs COLL 5-310000001000.365.440.805.293
Jun 10vs COLL 9-110000000100.360.434.794.289
Jun 11vs COLW 7-541210110000.367.488.855.300
Jun 12@ NYML 6-110000000000.363.481.844.296
Jun 13@ NYMW 14-3Did not play
Jun 14@ NYML 9-420000001100.362.470.832.289
Jun 16@ PITW 9-5Did not play
Jun 17@ PITL 4-320000001000.361.459.820.282
Jun 18@ PITW 7-1Did not play
Jun 19vs SDW 3-2Did not play
Jun 20vs SDW 4-030100001000.366.455.821.284
Jun 21vs SDL 3-210000000000.363.449.812.281
Jun 22@ MIAW 11-1Did not play
Jun 23@ MIAL 2-040100000200.358.441.799.280
Jun 24@ MIAW 5-3Did not play
Jun 25@ MIAL 4-230200001000.373.448.821.292
Jun 26@ WSHW 5-4Did not play
Jun 27@ WSHL 6-120000000000.366.439.805.286
Monthly Totals 302710116600.395.367.761.233
 Previously with CHC, Acquired by TOR
Jul 5@ NYYW 7-641000001100.
Jul 6vs HOUW 7-4Did not play
Jul 7vs HOUL 12-230000000100.
Jul 8vs HOUW 7-2Did not play
Jul 9vs HOUL 19-120000000100.
Jul 14@ DETW 7-2Did not play
Jul 15@ DETL 11-110000000000.
Jul 16@ DETL 6-550000000000.
Jul 17@ BOSW 4-3Did not play
Jul 18@ BOSL 5-4Did not play
Jul 19@ BOSL 5-121100002100.
Jul 20@ BOSW 8-6Did not play
Jul 21@ CLEL 13-310000000000.
Jul 22@ CLEL 2-1Did not play
Jul 23@ CLEL 8-140000000100.
Jul 24vs OAKW 4-2Did not play
Jul 25vs OAKW 4-1Did not play
Jul 26vs OAKW 3-230100000000.
Jul 27vs OAKW 8-421000001000.
Jul 28vs LAAL 7-2Did not play
Jul 29vs LAAL 6-522100122000.257.207.464.103
Jul 30vs LAAW 11-1040000010100.231.182.413.091
Jul 31@ CHWL 7-6Did not play
Monthly Totals 335300136600.231.182.413.091
Aug 1@ CHWW 8-4Did not play
Aug 2@ CHWW 5-130000000000.214.167.381.083
Aug 4@ HOUL 16-7Did not play
Aug 5@ HOUW 4-3Did not play
Aug 6@ HOUL 7-6Did not play
Aug 8vs NYYW 4-2Did not play
Aug 9vs NYYL 11-5Did not play
Aug 10vs NYYW 4-0Did not play
Aug 11vs PITL 4-2Did not play
Aug 12vs PITW 7-2Did not play
Aug 13vs PITW 7-1Did not play
Aug 14vs TBW 2-1Did not play
Aug 15vs TBL 6-4Did not play
Aug 16vs TBW 3-2Did not play
Aug 17vs TBW 5-330000000100.200.154.354.077
Aug 18@ CHCL 7-441200000000.224.186.410.116
Aug 19@ CHCL 4-320000000100.216.178.394.111
Aug 20@ CHCL 6-541210110200.236.286.522.143
Aug 22@ TBL 6-531000010200.220.269.489.135
Aug 23@ TBW 7-6Did not play
Aug 24@ TBL 2-030000001100.222.255.477.127
Aug 25vs MINL 6-130100001000.239.259.498.138
Aug 26vs MINW 10-9Did not play
Aug 27vs MINL 7-241110000200.239.274.513.145
Aug 28vs BOSL 6-5Did not play
Aug 29vs BOSL 3-030000000200.230.262.492.138
Aug 30vs BOSL 7-1Did not play
Aug 31@ BALW 11-851210020100.241.286.527.157
Monthly Totals 3758301421200.250.378.628.216
Sep 1@ BALL 1-0Did not play
Sep 2@ BALW 7-2Did not play
Sep 3@ BALL 5-430000000000.232.274.506.151
Sep 4@ BOSW 10-4Did not play
Sep 5@ BOSL 3-210000000000.229.270.499.149
Sep 6@ BOSL 6-120000012000.241.263.504.145
Sep 8vs DETL 5-410000000100.239.260.499.143
Sep 9vs DETW 5-4Did not play
Sep 10vs DETW 8-2Did not play
Sep 11vs BALW 4-331000000100.239.250.489.138
Sep 12vs BALW 3-2Did not play
Sep 13vs BALL 2-1Did not play
Sep 14@ MINL 3-2Did not play
Sep 15@ MINW 4-3Did not play
Sep 16@ MINW 7-2Did not play
Sep 17@ MINL 13-7Did not play
Sep 19vs KCW 5-2Did not play
Sep 20vs KCL 15-511000001000.245.247.492.136
Sep 21vs KCL 1-0Did not play
Sep 22vs NYYW 8-140100000300.245.247.492.141
Sep 23vs NYYL 5-1Did not play
Sep 24vs NYYW 9-5Did not play
Sep 25@ BOSW 6-4Did not play
Sep 26@ BOSW 9-4Did not play
Sep 27@ BOSL 10-7Did not play
Sep 29@ NYYL 4-0Did not play
Sep 30@ NYYL 2-100000001000.253.247.500.141
Monthly Totals 152100014500.300.067.367.067
Oct 1@ NYYW 2-120000000000.248.241.489.138
Monthly Totals 20000000000.
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau