Eduardo Perez Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through October 1, 2006 Year to Date
Apr 2@ CHWL 10-441100120000.2501.0001.250.250
Apr 4@ CHWW 8-2Did not play
Apr 5@ CHWW 4-3Did not play
Apr 7vs MINW 11-6Did not play
Apr 8vs MINW 3-0Did not play
Apr 9vs MINW 3-221100110000.3331.3331.666.333
Apr 11vs SEAW 9-530000010000.222.8891.111.222
Apr 12vs SEAL 11-910100010000.300.9001.200.300
Apr 13vs SEAL 9-5Did not play
Apr 14@ DETL 5-130000001100.286.692.978.231
Apr 15@ DETW 7-2Did not play
Apr 16@ DETL 1-030000000100.235.563.798.188
Apr 17@ DETW 10-232320021000.409.7371.146.316
Apr 18@ BALW 15-120000000000.375.6671.042.286
Apr 19@ BALL 18-9Did not play
Apr 20@ BALL 9-431200120000.407.7921.199.333
Apr 21@ KCW 6-521110010000.400.8081.208.346
Apr 22@ KCL 11-5Did not play
Apr 23@ KCL 5-120110000000.406.8211.227.357
Apr 25vs BOSL 8-6Did not play
Apr 26vs BOSW 7-130000000100.371.7421.113.323
Apr 27vs BOSW 15-3Did not play
Apr 28vs TEXW 7-630110021000.385.7351.120.324
Apr 29vs TEXL 7-5Did not play
Apr 30vs TEXL 8-410000000100.375.7141.089.314
Monthly Totals 35611503123400.375.7141.089.314
May 1vs CHWL 8-6Did not play
May 2vs CHWW 7-140200010000.386.6921.078.333
May 3@ OAKW 14-3Did not play
May 4@ OAKL 12-4Did not play
May 5@ SEAW 9-431100120000.383.7381.121.333
May 6@ SEAL 4-1Did not play
May 7@ SEAW 2-030000000000.360.6891.049.311
May 8@ KCL 4-310000000100.353.6741.027.304
May 9@ KCL 10-742220000000.375.7001.075.320
May 10@ KCL 10-8Did not play
May 12vs DETL 5-430100000000.373.6791.052.321
May 13vs DETL 3-0Did not play
May 14vs DETL 3-230100000000.371.6611.032.321
May 16vs KCW 6-4Did not play
May 17vs KCW 5-020000001000.369.6381.007.310
May 18vs KCW 6-5Did not play
May 19vs PITW 4-141200120000.377.6771.054.323
May 20vs PITL 9-6Did not play
May 21vs PITW 3-230110000000.375.6771.052.323
May 23@ MINL 6-531100120000.373.7061.079.324
May 24@ MINW 11-0Did not play
May 26@ DETL 8-341200110000.380.7361.116.333
May 27@ DETL 3-1Did not play
May 28@ DETW 9-020000000000.370.7161.086.324
May 29vs CHWL 11-0Did not play
May 30vs CHWW 4-340000000200.353.6791.032.308
May 31vs CHWW 5-0Did not play
Monthly Totals 4361330481300.333.651.984.302
Jun 1vs CHWW 12-8Did not play
Jun 2vs LAAL 10-3Did not play
Jun 3vs LAAW 14-2Did not play
Jun 4vs LAAL 14-2Did not play
Jun 6vs OAKL 7-640100000000.348.6591.007.305
Jun 7vs OAKW 11-2Did not play
Jun 8vs OAKL 4-1Did not play
Jun 9@ CHWL 5-4Did not play
Jun 10@ CHWL 4-330100000100.348.647.995.306
Jun 11@ CHWW 10-8Did not play
Jun 13@ NYYL 1-010000000100.344.640.984.302
Jun 14@ NYYL 6-131100000000.344.629.973.303
Jun 15@ NYYW 8-410000000000.340.622.962.300
Jun 16@ MILL 6-431000001200.337.602.939.290
Jun 17@ MILL 3-2Did not play
Jun 18@ MILL 6-331100010000.333.594.927.292
Jun 19vs CHCL 12-831210110000.343.636.979.303
Jun 20vs CHCW 4-2Did not play
Jun 21vs CHCL 9-2Did not play
Jun 23vs CINL 3-0Did not play
Jun 24vs CINW 4-0Did not play
Jun 25vs CINL 4-2Did not play
Jun 26@ STLW 10-3Did not play
Jun 27@ STLW 3-1Did not play
Jun 28@ STLL 5-400000000000.343.636.979.303
Jun 30@ CINL 9-8Did not play
Monthly Totals 214610121400.304.476.781.286
 Previously with CLE, Acquired by SEA
Jul 1vs COLW 8-7Did not play
Jul 2vs COLL 4-300000000000.343.636.979.303
Jul 3vs LAAL 7-1Did not play
Jul 4vs LAAL 14-610000000000.339.630.969.300
Jul 5vs LAAL 4-0Did not play
Jul 7vs DETL 6-1Did not play
Jul 8vs DETL 2-1Did not play
Jul 9vs DETW 3-221200001001.357.637.994.314
Jul 14@ TORW 5-3Did not play
Jul 15@ TORL 7-610000000000.354.631.985.311
Jul 16@ TORL 4-310000000000.351.625.976.308
Jul 17@ NYYL 4-210000000100.348.619.967.305
Jul 18@ NYYL 5-410000000000.350.613.963.302
Jul 19@ NYYW 3-230000001100.347.596.943.294
Jul 21vs BOSL 9-4Did not play
Jul 22vs BOSW 5-241200020100.352.593.945.301
Jul 23vs BOSW 9-831100130100.349.612.961.302
Jul 24vs TORW 7-3Did not play
Jul 25vs TORL 12-3Did not play
Jul 26vs TORW 7-420000000100.344.602.946.297
Jul 28@ CLEL 1-030000000200.336.587.923.289
Jul 29@ CLEW 3-1Did not play
Jul 30@ CLEW 7-320000001100.336.577.913.285
Jul 31@ BALW 10-542100001200.338.567.905.283
Monthly Totals 2856001541001.324.321.645.214
Aug 1@ BALL 2-0Did not play
Aug 2@ BALW 2-130100001000.342.562.904.285
Aug 4vs OAKL 5-230100000000.342.556.898.286
Aug 5vs OAKL 5-2Did not play
Aug 6vs OAKL 7-620100010000.344.556.900.289
Aug 7vs TBW 5-4Did not play
Aug 8vs TBW 5-1Did not play
Aug 9vs TBW 2-0Did not play
Aug 10@ TEXL 8-2Did not play
Aug 11@ TEXL 14-720000000000.340.547.887.285
Aug 12@ TEXL 5-4Did not play
Aug 13@ TEXL 10-610000000000.338.543.881.283
Aug 14@ OAKL 5-430000001200.335.532.867.277
Aug 15@ OAKL 11-210000000000.333.528.861.275
Aug 16@ OAKL 4-040110000000.331.527.858.274
Aug 17@ LAAL 5-2Did not play
Aug 18@ LAAL 3-0Did not play
Aug 19@ LAAL 9-7Did not play
Aug 20@ LAAL 3-210000000000.329.524.853.272
Aug 22vs NYYW 6-500000002000.337.524.861.272
Aug 23vs NYYL 9-2Did not play
Aug 24vs NYYW 4-220000001100.337.517.854.268
Aug 25vs BOSW 6-0Did not play
Aug 26vs BOSW 4-330000000200.331.507.838.263
Aug 27vs BOSW 6-3Did not play
Aug 28vs LAAW 2-0Did not play
Aug 29vs LAAW 6-4Did not play
Aug 30vs LAAL 5-3Did not play
Monthly Totals 250410015500.300.200.500.160
Sep 1@ TBL 2-1Did not play
Sep 2@ TBW 4-320100001000.337.506.843.266
Sep 3@ TBL 7-6Did not play
Sep 4@ DETL 6-220000001000.337.500.837.263
Sep 5@ DETW 4-3Did not play
Sep 6@ DETW 5-440100020000.335.494.829.263
Sep 8vs TEXW 7-2Did not play
Sep 9vs TEXW 3-200000002000.342.494.836.263
Sep 10vs TEXL 4-2Did not play
Sep 11vs TORL 6-230000000200.337.485.822.258
Sep 12vs TORW 4-210000000000.335.482.817.256
Sep 13vs TORL 10-0Did not play
Sep 14@ KCL 10-840100000100.333.476.809.256
Sep 15@ KCW 11-810000000100.332.473.805.254
Sep 16@ KCL 7-440100000100.330.468.798.254
Sep 17@ KCW 10-521100010000.332.469.801.257
Sep 18@ TEXL 8-100000000000.332.469.801.257
Sep 19@ TEXW 9-720000000100.328.463.791.254
Sep 20@ TEXW 6-3Did not play
Sep 21@ CHWW 9-010000000000.327.461.788.253
Sep 22@ CHWW 11-6Did not play
Sep 23@ CHWL 11-740200020000.330.462.792.258
Sep 24@ CHWL 12-7Did not play
Sep 25vs OAKW 10-9Did not play
Sep 26vs OAKL 12-320000000000.327.457.784.255
Sep 27vs OAKL 7-610000000000.325.454.779.254
Sep 29vs TEXL 6-510000000100.324.452.776.253
Sep 30vs TEXW 3-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 341700054700.289.206.495.206
Oct 1vs TEXW 3-2Did not play
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau