Mike Carp Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through August 29, 2014 Year to Date
Mar 31@ BALL 2-140100000100.250.250.500.250
Monthly Totals 40100000100.250.250.500.250
Apr 2@ BALW 6-2Did not play
Apr 3@ BALW 4-3Did not play
Apr 4vs MILL 6-220110000000.333.500.833.333
Apr 5vs MILL 7-600000000000.333.500.833.333
Apr 6vs MILL 4-0Did not play
Apr 7vs TEXW 5-1Did not play
Apr 8vs TEXL 10-7Did not play
Apr 9vs TEXW 4-210000000100.286.429.715.286
Apr 10@ NYYL 4-1Did not play
Apr 11@ NYYW 4-210000000100.250.375.625.250
Apr 12@ NYYL 7-440100020101.250.333.583.250
Apr 13@ NYYL 3-210000000100.231.308.539.231
Apr 15@ CHWL 2-110000000000.214.286.500.214
Apr 16@ CHWW 6-400000001000.267.286.553.214
Apr 17@ CHWW 3-110100000000.313.333.646.267
Apr 18vs BALL 8-441210001000.381.421.802.316
Apr 19vs BALW 4-221000001000.375.381.756.286
Apr 20vs BALW 6-510000000000.360.364.724.273
Apr 21vs BALL 7-620000000000.333.333.666.250
Apr 22vs NYYL 9-3Did not play
Apr 23vs NYYW 5-140000000200.290.286.576.214
Apr 24vs NYYL 14-500000000000.290.286.576.214
Apr 25@ TORW 8-1Did not play
Apr 26@ TORW 7-632110001000.314.323.637.226
Apr 27@ TORL 7-1Did not play
Apr 29vs TBW 7-4Did not play
Monthly Totals 274630024601.323.333.656.222
May 1vs TBL 2-1Did not play
May 1vs TBL 6-5Did not play
May 2vs OAKW 7-1Did not play
May 3vs OAKW 6-3Did not play
May 4vs OAKL 3-241200000000.333.343.676.257
May 6vs CINW 4-3Did not play
May 7vs CINW 4-310000000100.325.333.658.250
May 9@ TEXL 8-0Did not play
May 10@ TEXW 8-3Did not play
May 11@ TEXW 5-2Did not play
May 13@ MINL 8-6Did not play
May 14@ MINW 9-411000000000.317.324.641.243
May 15@ MINL 4-340200010100.333.341.674.268
May 16vs DETL 1-040100000100.327.333.660.267
May 17vs DETL 6-130000001000.321.313.634.250
May 18vs DETL 6-2Did not play
May 20vs TORL 7-4Did not play
May 21vs TORL 6-431220011000.351.373.724.275
May 22vs TORL 7-240100000000.344.364.708.273
May 23@ TBL 1-010000000000.339.357.696.268
May 24@ TBL 6-551000010300.324.328.652.246
May 25@ TBL 8-530000001100.319.313.632.234
May 26@ ATLW 8-610000000100.315.308.623.231
May 27@ ATLW 6-300000000000.324.308.632.231
May 28vs ATLW 4-0Did not play
May 29vs ATLW 4-300000000000.324.308.632.231
May 30vs TBW 3-230000000100.321.294.615.221
May 31vs TBW 7-120000010000.317.286.603.214
Monthly Totals 394820043900.319.256.576.205
Jun 1vs TBW 4-0Did not play
Jun 2@ CLEL 3-2Did not play
Jun 3@ CLEL 5-3Did not play
Jun 4@ CLEL 7-4Did not play
Jun 6@ DETL 6-2Did not play
Jun 7@ DETL 8-6Did not play
Jun 8@ DETW 5-3Did not play
Jun 9@ BALL 4-0Did not play
Jun 10@ BALW 1-0Did not play
Jun 11@ BALL 6-0Did not play
Jun 12vs CLEW 5-2Did not play
Jun 13vs CLEW 10-3Did not play
Jun 14vs CLEL 3-2Did not play
Jun 15vs CLEL 3-2Did not play
Jun 16vs MINW 1-0Did not play
Jun 17vs MINW 2-1Did not play
Jun 18vs MINW 2-1Did not play
Jun 19@ OAKL 4-2Did not play
Jun 20@ OAKL 4-3Did not play
Jun 21@ OAKL 2-1Did not play
Jun 22@ OAKW 7-6Did not play
Jun 23@ SEAL 12-3Did not play
Jun 24@ SEAL 8-2Did not play
Jun 25@ SEAW 5-4Did not play
Jun 27@ NYYL 6-0Did not play
Jun 28@ NYYW 2-1Did not play
Jun 29@ NYYW 8-5Did not play
Jun 30vs CHCL 2-0Did not play
Jul 1vs CHCL 2-1Did not play
Jul 2vs CHCL 16-9Did not play
Jul 5vs BALW 3-2Did not play
Jul 5vs BALL 7-4Did not play
Jul 6vs BALL 7-6Did not play
Jul 7vs CHWL 4-0Did not play
Jul 8vs CHWL 8-310000000000.313.282.595.211
Jul 9vs CHWW 5-410000000000.310.278.588.208
Jul 10vs CHWW 4-310100010000.318.288.606.219
Jul 11@ HOUW 8-330000002000.322.276.598.211
Jul 12@ HOUL 3-2Did not play
Jul 13@ HOUW 11-011101020000.330.312.642.221
Jul 18vs KCW 5-4Did not play
Jul 19vs KCW 2-1Did not play
Jul 20vs KCW 6-020000002000.337.304.641.215
Jul 21@ TORW 14-1Did not play
Jul 22@ TORL 7-3Did not play
Jul 23@ TORL 6-4Did not play
Jul 24@ TORL 8-0Did not play
Jul 25@ TBL 6-4Did not play
Jul 26@ TBL 3-0Did not play
Jul 27@ TBW 3-220000000000.337.296.633.210
Jul 28vs TORL 14-120000000100.330.289.619.205
Jul 29vs TORL 4-230000000000.320.279.599.198
Jul 30vs TORL 6-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 161201034100.333.250.583.125
 Previously with BOS, Acquired by TEX
Aug 4@ CHWL 5-320000001100.321.273.594.193
Aug 5@ CHWW 16-020000000100.315.267.582.189
Aug 6@ CHWW 3-100000000000.315.267.582.189
Aug 8@ HOUL 4-310100010000.321.275.596.198
Aug 9@ HOUL 8-320000000200.315.269.584.194
Aug 10@ HOUW 6-2Did not play
Aug 11vs TBL 7-000000001000.321.269.590.194
Aug 12vs TBW 3-220000001100.322.263.585.189
Aug 13vs TBL 10-130100001100.328.265.593.194
Aug 14vs TBL 6-340000000100.317.255.572.186
Aug 15vs LAAL 5-441100010200.315.255.570.189
Aug 16vs LAAL 5-410000000000.313.252.565.187
Aug 17vs LAAW 3-220100010000.315.257.572.193
Aug 19@ MIAL 4-350000000200.304.246.550.184
Aug 20@ MIAW 5-4Did not play
Aug 22vs KCL 6-340000000200.295.237.532.178
Aug 23vs KCL 6-3Did not play
Aug 24vs KCW 3-1Did not play
Aug 25@ SEAW 2-0Did not play
Aug 26@ SEAL 5-000000001000.300.237.537.178
Aug 27@ SEAW 12-451100000100.297.236.533.179
Aug 28@ HOUL 4-230000010000.289.230.519.175
Aug 29@ HOUW 13-6Did not play
Monthly Totals 4025000451400.217.125.342.125
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