Max Stassi Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through August 24, 2019 Year to Date
Mar 28@ TBW 5-1Did not play
Mar 29@ TBL 4-230000000200.
Mar 30@ TBL 3-1Did not play
Mar 31@ TBL 3-120000000200.
Monthly Totals 50000000400.
Apr 1@ TEXW 2-1Did not play
Apr 2@ TEXL 6-4Did not play
Apr 3@ TEXL 4-030000000000.
Apr 5vs OAKW 3-2Did not play
Apr 6vs OAKW 6-0Did not play
Apr 7vs OAKW 9-820000001100.
Apr 8vs NYYW 4-3Did not play
Apr 9vs NYYW 6-3Did not play
Apr 10vs NYYW 8-640100000100.
Apr 12@ SEAW 10-6Did not play
Apr 13@ SEAW 3-1Did not play
Apr 14@ SEAW 3-240000000200.
Apr 16@ OAKW 9-1Did not play
Apr 17@ OAKL 2-1Did not play
Apr 19@ TEXW 7-2Did not play
Apr 20@ TEXL 9-441100120000.130.227.357.091
Apr 21@ TEXL 11-10Did not play
Apr 22vs MINL 9-5Did not play
Apr 23vs MINW 10-440100000100.148.231.379.115
Apr 24vs MINW 7-1Did not play
Apr 25vs CLEL 2-1Did not play
Apr 26vs CLEL 6-3Did not play
Apr 27vs CLEW 4-330000000200.133.207.340.103
Apr 28vs CLEW 4-1Did not play
Apr 29@ MINL 1-0Did not play
Apr 30@ MINW 11-0Did not play
Monthly Totals 241300121700.160.250.410.125
May 1@ MINL 6-230000000100.121.188.309.094
May 2@ MINL 8-2Did not play
May 4@ LAAW 14-242200001200.184.222.406.139
May 5@ LAAW 10-4Did not play
May 6vs KCW 6-4Did not play
May 7vs KCL 12-210000000000.179.216.395.135
May 8vs KCW 9-030100011100.209.225.434.150
May 9vs TEXW 4-2Did not play
May 10vs TEXW 3-0Did not play
May 11vs TEXW 11-4Did not play
May 12vs TEXW 15-550000000100.188.200.388.133
May 13@ DETW 8-1Did not play
May 14@ DETW 11-410000000100.184.196.380.130
May 15@ DETW 5-1Did not play
May 17@ BOSW 3-1Did not play
May 18@ BOSW 7-340200001000.222.220.442.160
May 19@ BOSL 4-3Did not play
May 20vs CHWW 3-0Did not play
May 21vs CHWW 5-1Did not play
May 22vs CHWL 9-4Did not play
May 23vs CHWL 4-020100000100.246.231.477.173
May 24vs BOSW 4-3Did not play
May 25vs BOSW 4-320000000000.237.222.459.167
May 26vs BOSL 4-1Did not play
May 27vs CHCW 6-5Did not play
May 28vs CHCW 9-6Did not play
May 29vs CHCL 2-1Did not play
May 31@ OAKW 3-2Did not play
Monthly Totals 252600013700.345.240.585.240
Jun 1@ OAKW 5-1Did not play
Jun 2@ OAKW 6-4Did not play
Jun 3@ SEAW 4-2Did not play
Jun 4@ SEAW 11-5Did not play
Jun 5@ SEAL 14-1Did not play
Jun 6@ SEAW 8-7Did not play
Jun 7vs BALW 4-3Did not play
Jun 8vs BALL 4-1Did not play
Jun 9vs BALW 4-0Did not play
Jun 11vs MILW 10-8Did not play
Jun 12vs MILL 6-3Did not play
Jun 14vs TORW 15-2Did not play
Jun 15vs TORW 7-2Did not play
Jun 16vs TORL 12-0Did not play
Jun 17@ CINL 3-2Did not play
Jun 18@ CINL 4-3Did not play
Jun 19@ CINL 3-2Did not play
Jun 20@ NYYL 10-6Did not play
Jun 21@ NYYL 4-1Did not play
Jun 22@ NYYL 7-540200000100.254.241.495.190
Jun 23@ NYYW 9-4Did not play
Jun 25vs PITW 5-1Did not play
Jun 26vs PITL 14-210000000000.250.237.487.186
Jun 27vs PITL 10-040000000200.235.222.457.175
Jun 28vs SEAW 2-1Did not play
Jun 29vs SEAW 6-5Did not play
Jun 30vs SEAW 6-141110000100.236.239.475.179
Monthly Totals 131310000400.231.308.538.231
Jul 2@ COLW 9-8Did not play
Jul 3@ COLW 4-2Did not play
Jul 5vs LAAL 5-4Did not play
Jul 6vs LAAW 4-0Did not play
Jul 7vs LAAW 11-1010000001100.243.235.478.176
Jul 11@ TEXL 5-0Did not play
Jul 12@ TEXL 9-8Did not play
Jul 13@ TEXW 7-630100001100.256.239.495.183
Jul 14@ TEXW 12-4Did not play
Jul 15@ LAAL 9-6Did not play
Jul 16@ LAAL 7-240000000200.244.227.471.173
Jul 17@ LAAW 11-210000000100.241.224.465.171
Jul 18@ LAAW 6-230000001100.241.215.456.165
Jul 19vs TEXW 4-3Did not play
Jul 20vs TEXW 6-1Did not play
Jul 21vs TEXW 5-330000000200.233.207.440.159
Jul 22vs OAKW 11-100000000000.233.207.440.159
Jul 23vs OAKL 4-330200000100.247.224.471.176
Jul 24vs OAKW 4-2Did not play
Jul 26@ STLL 5-3Did not play
Jul 27@ STLW 8-2Did not play
Jul 28@ STLW 6-250000000300.235.211.446.167
Jul 30@ CLEW 2-0Did not play
Monthly Totals 2303000031200.231.130.361.130
 Previously with HOU, Acquired by LAA
Aug 2@ CLEL 7-320000000200.230.207.437.163
Aug 3@ CLEL 7-2Did not play
Aug 4@ CLEL 6-220000000000.225.202.427.160
Aug 5@ CINL 7-4Did not play
Aug 6@ CINL 8-440000000300.217.194.411.153
Aug 8@ BOSL 3-020000000100.213.190.403.150
Aug 9@ BOSL 16-420000000000.209.186.395.147
Aug 10@ BOSW 12-4Did not play
Aug 11@ BOSW 5-421000001100.212.183.395.144
Aug 12vs PITL 10-230100010000.214.187.401.150
Aug 13vs PITL 10-740000000100.207.180.387.144
Aug 14vs PITW 7-4Did not play
Aug 15vs CHWW 8-740000000200.200.174.374.139
Aug 16vs CHWL 7-210000000000.198.172.370.138
Aug 17vs CHWW 6-510000001000.203.171.374.137
Aug 18vs CHWW 9-2Did not play
Aug 19@ TEXL 8-730000000200.198.167.365.133
Aug 20@ TEXW 5-1Did not play
Aug 20@ TEXL 3-210000001000.203.165.368.132
Aug 21@ TEXL 8-741200000100.212.176.388.144
Aug 23@ HOUL 5-4Did not play
Aug 24@ HOUL 5-210000001100.216.175.391.143
Monthly Totals 3623000141400.