Jorge Fabregas Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through September 29, 2002 Year to Date
Mar 31vs CLEL 6-0Did not play
Apr 2vs CLEW 7-5Did not play
Apr 3vs CLEL 6-5Did not play
Apr 5@ TEXW 3-1Did not play
Apr 6@ TEXW 6-340000000000.
Apr 8vs SEAL 5-4Did not play
Apr 9vs SEAL 5-1Did not play
Apr 10vs SEAL 8-130000000000.
Apr 11vs SEAL 8-4Did not play
Apr 12vs OAKL 5-1Did not play
Apr 13vs OAKL 7-220000000000.
Apr 14vs OAKW 4-1Did not play
Apr 16vs TEXW 6-5Did not play
Apr 17vs TEXL 4-1Did not play
Apr 18@ OAKL 4-230100001000.
Apr 19@ OAKW 9-7Did not play
Apr 20@ OAKL 8-7Did not play
Apr 21@ OAKL 6-5Did not play
Apr 22@ SEAL 16-510000000000.
Apr 23@ SEAL 1-0Did not play
Apr 24@ SEAW 10-6Did not play
Apr 26vs TORW 4-0Did not play
Apr 27vs TORW 11-4Did not play
Apr 28vs TORW 8-520000000100.
Apr 30@ CLEW 21-2Did not play
Monthly Totals 150100001100.
May 1@ CLEW 7-2Did not play
May 2@ CLEW 8-0Did not play
May 3@ TORW 6-441100010000.
May 4@ TORL 4-1Did not play
May 5@ TORW 8-2Did not play
May 7vs DETL 3-0Did not play
May 8vs DETW 3-2Did not play
May 9vs DETW 7-6Did not play
May 10vs CHWW 19-0Did not play
May 11vs CHWW 6-340100010100.
May 12vs CHWW 5-4Did not play
May 14@ DETW 9-2Did not play
May 15@ DETW 10-1Did not play
May 17@ CHWW 8-4Did not play
May 18@ CHWL 10-430100000000.185.154.339.154
May 19@ CHWW 6-1Did not play
May 20vs KCW 6-3Did not play
May 21vs KCW 5-1Did not play
May 22vs KCW 7-641100000100.194.167.361.167
May 24vs MINL 5-1Did not play
May 25vs MINW 4-310000000000.188.161.349.161
May 26vs MINL 5-2Did not play
May 28@ KCL 7-4Did not play
May 29@ KCW 12-2Did not play
May 30@ MINL 7-640000010100.167.143.310.143
May 31@ MINW 11-3Did not play
Monthly Totals 202400030300.200.200.400.200
Jun 1@ MINL 4-2Did not play
Jun 2@ MINW 5-441200011000.220.179.399.179
Jun 3vs TEXW 5-2Did not play
Jun 4vs TEXW 3-0Did not play
Jun 5vs TEXW 7-5Did not play
Jun 6vs TEXL 9-8Did not play
Jun 7vs CINW 4-331100000000.227.190.417.190
Jun 8vs CINL 4-310000000000.222.186.408.186
Jun 9vs CINW 7-4Did not play
Jun 10vs PITW 4-3Did not play
Jun 11vs PITL 7-3Did not play
Jun 12vs PITW 8-5Did not play
Jun 14@ LADW 8-4Did not play
Jun 15@ LADL 10-520100000100.234.200.434.200
Jun 16@ LADL 5-4Did not play
Jun 18@ STLL 7-2Did not play
Jun 19@ STLL 6-220100001000.260.213.473.213
Jun 20@ STLW 3-2Did not play
Jun 21@ MILW 11-4Did not play
Jun 22@ MILW 8-2Did not play
Jun 23@ MILW 5-231100001000.278.220.498.220
Jun 24@ TEXL 8-521110001000.298.250.548.231
Jun 24@ TEXL 3-2Did not play
Jun 25@ TEXL 11-5Did not play
Jun 26@ TEXW 7-6Did not play
Jun 27@ TEXW 6-3Did not play
Jun 28vs LADL 7-530000000000.283.236.519.218
Jun 29vs LADW 7-0Did not play
Jun 30vs LADW 5-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 204710014100.458.400.858.350
Jul 2vs BALL 3-0Did not play
Jul 3vs BALW 1-000000000000.283.236.519.218
Jul 4vs BALL 7-241100000100.281.237.518.220
Jul 5vs TBW 6-500000001000.292.237.529.220
Jul 6vs TBW 4-3Did not play
Jul 7vs TBW 2-1Did not play
Jul 11@ KCW 1-0Did not play
Jul 12@ KCW 11-320100000000.299.246.545.230
Jul 13@ KCL 4-030000000000.286.234.520.219
Jul 14@ KCL 12-340000010000.270.221.491.206
Jul 15@ MINL 10-800000000000.270.221.491.206
Jul 16@ MINW 4-2Did not play
Jul 17@ OAKW 10-440100020000.269.222.491.208
Jul 18@ OAKL 2-0Did not play
Jul 19vs SEAW 15-3Did not play
Jul 20vs SEAW 7-640100000000.268.224.492.211
Jul 21vs SEAW 7-5Did not play
Jul 23vs OAKL 2-100000000000.268.224.492.211
Jul 24vs OAKW 5-130000000000.259.215.474.203
Jul 25vs OAKW 5-420100010000.264.222.486.210
Jul 26@ SEAW 8-051000000000.250.209.459.198
Jul 27@ SEAL 3-110000000000.247.207.454.195
Jul 28@ SEAW 1-0Did not play
Jul 29vs BOSW 5-410000000000.245.205.450.193
Jul 30vs BOSL 6-0Did not play
Jul 31vs BOSL 2-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 332500041100.176.152.328.152
 Previously with LAA, Acquired by MIL
Aug 1@ ATLL 4-0Did not play
Aug 2@ MIAW 1-0Did not play
Aug 3@ MIAL 11-7Did not play
Aug 4@ MIAL 7-2Did not play
Aug 6vs NYML 5-110000000000.242.202.444.191
Aug 7vs NYMW 6-210000000000.240.200.440.189
Aug 8vs NYML 9-010000000000.237.198.435.187
Aug 9vs WSHL 11-4Did not play
Aug 10vs WSHW 5-230000010100.228.191.419.181
Aug 11vs WSHW 6-2Did not play
Aug 13@ PHIL 3-1Did not play
Aug 14@ PHIL 4-1Did not play
Aug 15@ PHIL 5-010000000000.225.189.414.179
Aug 16@ PITW 10-3Did not play
Aug 17@ PITL 5-020000000100.221.186.407.175
Aug 18@ PITL 3-2Did not play
Aug 20vs PHIW 2-1Did not play
Aug 21vs PHIL 13-310000000000.219.184.403.173
Aug 22vs PHIL 7-010000000000.217.182.399.172
Aug 23vs PITL 6-330000010000.209.176.385.167
Aug 24vs PITL 17-10Did not play
Aug 25vs PITL 3-210000000000.207.175.382.165
Aug 26vs CHCW 2-130110020000.211.189.400.170
Aug 27vs CHCL 6-210100010000.217.196.413.178
Aug 28vs CHCW 5-1Did not play
Aug 29vs CHCL 13-1041100021000.225.198.423.180
Aug 30@ CINW 9-411100000000.231.205.436.188
Aug 31@ CINW 11-252200220000.238.265.503.197
Monthly Totals 294610291200.219.448.667.207
Sep 1@ CINW 4-230000000000.233.258.491.192
Sep 2@ CHCW 4-2Did not play
Sep 2@ CHCL 17-411100110000.238.289.527.198
Sep 3@ CHCL 10-130000000000.233.282.515.194
Sep 4@ CHCL 3-000000001000.239.282.521.194
Sep 6vs CINL 5-350000000000.230.271.501.186
Sep 7vs CINW 9-6Did not play
Sep 8vs CINL 5-4Did not play
Sep 9vs STLL 3-030100000100.232.273.505.189
Sep 10vs STLL 8-3Did not play
Sep 11vs STLL 4-310110020000.236.286.522.195
Sep 13@ ARIW 8-4Did not play
Sep 14@ ARIL 5-0Did not play
Sep 15@ ARIL 6-540000000100.230.277.507.190
Sep 17vs HOUW 5-430110020000.230.286.516.193
Sep 18vs HOUL 3-1Did not play
Sep 19vs HOUW 5-4Did not play
Sep 20vs SFL 5-140100000100.231.285.516.194
Sep 21vs SFL 3-1Did not play
Sep 22vs SFL 3-130000000000.226.279.505.190
Sep 23@ HOUL 8-600000000000.226.279.505.190
Sep 24@ HOUW 3-1Did not play
Sep 25@ HOUL 7-510000000100.225.277.502.189
Sep 26@ STLL 9-140000000100.220.270.490.184
Sep 27@ STLW 2-130000000000.216.265.481.181
Sep 28@ STLL 3-1Did not play
Sep 29@ STLL 4-0Did not play
Monthly Totals 381520151500.146.263.409.132
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau