Jimmy Paredes Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through October 2, 2016 Year to Date
Apr 4vs MINW 3-2Did not play
Apr 6vs MINW 4-2Did not play
Apr 7vs MINW 4-2Did not play
Apr 8vs TBW 6-1Did not play
Apr 10vs TBW 5-3Did not play
Apr 11@ BOSW 9-7Did not play
Apr 12@ BOSW 9-5Did not play
Apr 13@ BOSL 4-2Did not play
Apr 14@ TEXL 6-3Did not play
Apr 15@ TEXW 11-5Did not play
Apr 16@ TEXL 8-4Did not play
Apr 19vs TORL 4-3Did not play
Apr 20vs TORW 4-3Did not play
Apr 21vs TORW 3-2Did not play
Apr 22@ KCL 4-2Did not play
Apr 23@ KCW 8-3Did not play
Apr 24@ KCL 6-1Did not play
Apr 25@ TBL 2-0Did not play
Apr 26@ TBL 3-1Did not play
Apr 27@ TBW 3-1Did not play
Apr 28vs CHWW 10-2Did not play
Apr 29vs CHWW 6-3Did not play
Apr 30vs CHWL 8-7Did not play
May 1vs CHWL 7-1Did not play
May 3vs NYYW 4-1Did not play
May 4vs NYYL 7-0Did not play
May 5vs NYYW 1-0Did not play
May 7vs OAKL 8-4Did not play
May 7vs OAKW 5-2Did not play
May 8vs OAKW 11-3Did not play
May 10@ MINW 5-3Did not play
May 11@ MINW 9-2Did not play
May 12vs DETW 7-5Did not play
May 13vs DETW 1-0Did not play
May 14vs DETW 9-3Did not play
 Previously with BAL, Acquired by TOR
May 17vs TBL 12-2101000000001.0001.0002.0001.000
May 18vs TBL 6-341100110000.4001.0001.400.400
May 19@ MINW 3-240110001000.400.7781.178.333
May 20@ MINW 9-311100010000.455.8001.255.400
May 21@ MINL 5-3Did not play
May 22@ MINW 3-1Did not play
May 24@ NYYL 6-030000001200.400.6151.015.308
May 25@ NYYW 8-4Did not play
May 26@ NYYW 3-1Did not play
May 27vs BOSW 7-5Did not play
May 28vs BOSW 10-910000000100.375.571.946.286
May 29vs BOSL 5-310000000100.353.533.886.267
Monthly Totals 152410122400.353.533.886.267
 Previously with TOR, Acquired by PHI
Jun 1vs WSHL 7-210000000100.
Jun 2vs MILL 4-140110000300.200.400.600.200
Jun 3vs MILW 6-340100010200.222.333.555.222
Jun 4vs MILL 6-3Did not play
Jun 5vs MILW 8-141200130000.308.615.923.308
Jun 6vs CHCL 6-430000000100.250.500.750.250
Jun 7vs CHCW 3-210000000100.235.471.706.235
Jun 8vs CHCL 8-110000000000.222.444.666.222
Jun 10@ WSHL 9-610000000100.211.421.632.211
Jun 11@ WSHL 8-010000000000.200.400.600.200
Jun 12@ WSHL 5-440000000000.167.333.500.167
Jun 13@ TORW 7-0Did not play
Jun 14@ TORL 11-321210010000.231.423.654.231
Jun 15vs TORL 7-210100000000.259.444.703.259
Jun 16vs TORL 13-230000011000.258.400.658.233
Jun 17vs ARIL 10-210000000000.250.387.637.226
Jun 18vs ARIL 4-130110000100.257.412.669.235
Jun 19vs ARIL 5-140100000000.256.395.651.237
Jun 20vs ARIL 3-110000000000.250.385.635.231
Jun 21@ MINL 14-10Did not play
Jun 22@ MINL 6-5Did not play
Jun 23@ MINW 7-3Did not play
Jun 24@ SFL 5-410000000100.244.375.619.225
Jun 25@ SFW 3-230000000100.227.349.576.209
Jun 26@ SFL 8-710000000000.222.341.563.205
Jun 27@ ARIW 8-010100000000.239.356.595.222
Jun 28@ ARIW 4-311110000000.255.391.646.239
Jun 29@ ARIW 9-811100000000.271.404.675.255
Monthly Totals 47412401611200.271.404.675.255
Jul 1vs KCW 4-310000000100.265.396.661.250
Jul 2vs KCL 6-220000000100.255.380.635.240
Jul 3vs KCW 7-2Did not play
Jul 4vs ATLW 8-2Did not play
Jul 5vs ATLW 5-1Did not play
Jul 6vs ATLW 4-310000000100.250.373.623.235
Jul 7@ COLL 11-200000001000.264.373.637.235
Jul 8@ COLW 5-3Did not play
Jul 9@ COLL 8-340110000000.263.382.645.236
Jul 10@ COLW 10-3Did not play
Jul 15vs NYML 5-310000000000.259.375.634.232
Jul 16vs NYMW 4-2Did not play
Jul 17vs NYML 5-010000000100.254.368.622.228
Jul 18vs MIAL 3-210000000100.250.362.612.224
Jul 19vs MIAL 2-1Did not play
Jul 20vs MIAW 4-130000000200.238.344.582.213
Jul 21vs MIAL 9-310000000100.234.339.573.210
Jul 22@ PITW 4-0Did not play
Jul 23@ PITL 7-410000000000.231.333.564.206
Jul 24@ PITL 5-410000000000.227.328.555.203
Jul 25@ MIAW 4-000000000000.227.328.555.203
Jul 26@ MIAL 5-030000000100.217.313.530.194
Jul 27@ MIAL 11-141200000100.233.324.557.211
Jul 28@ ATLW 7-5Did not play
Jul 29@ ATLL 2-110000000000.230.319.549.208
Jul 30@ ATLW 9-510000000000.227.315.542.205
Jul 31@ ATLL 2-111100110000.237.365.602.216
Monthly Totals 2724101111000.179.296.475.148
Aug 2vs SFW 13-850000000200.222.342.564.203
Aug 3vs SFW 5-421000001200.226.333.559.198
Aug 4vs SFL 3-240100000200.227.329.556.200
Aug 5@ SDW 5-440000000000.217.315.532.191
Aug 6@ SDL 9-711100120000.226.356.582.200
Aug 7@ SDW 6-5Did not play
Aug 8@ LADL 9-410000000000.223.352.575.198
Aug 9@ LADL 9-310100000000.232.359.591.207
Aug 10@ LADW 6-231000001100.232.347.579.200
Aug 12vs COLW 10-610000000100.230.344.574.198
Aug 13vs COLW 6-3Did not play
Aug 14vs COLW 7-641310130000.250.400.650.220
Aug 16vs LADL 15-521100000000.255.402.657.225
Aug 17vs LADL 7-210000000000.252.398.650.223
Aug 18vs LADW 5-440000000300.243.383.626.215
Aug 19vs STLL 4-310100000000.250.389.639.222
Aug 20vs STLW 4-2Did not play
Aug 21vs STLL 9-010000000000.248.385.633.220
Aug 23@ CHWL 9-1Did not play
Aug 24@ CHWW 5-3Did not play
Aug 26@ NYML 9-411100000000.254.391.645.227
Aug 27@ NYML 12-120000000000.250.384.634.223
Aug 28@ NYMW 5-141210010100.258.397.655.233
Aug 29vs WSHL 4-030000000100.252.387.639.227
Aug 30vs WSHL 3-230000000200.246.377.623.221
Aug 31vs WSHL 2-110000000000.244.374.618.220
Monthly Totals 49711202621500.255.388.643.224
Sep 2vs ATLL 8-410000000100.242.371.613.218
Sep 3vs ATLL 6-410000000000.240.368.608.216
Sep 4vs ATLL 2-0Did not play
Sep 5@ MIAW 6-210100020001.246.373.619.222
Sep 6@ MIAW 4-310000000100.244.370.614.220
Sep 7@ MIAL 6-010000000000.242.367.609.219
Sep 8@ WSHW 4-1Did not play
Sep 9@ WSHL 5-410000000100.241.364.605.217
Sep 10@ WSHL 3-0Did not play
Sep 11@ WSHL 3-2Did not play
Sep 12vs PITW 6-2Did not play
Sep 13vs PITL 5-3Did not play
Sep 14vs PITW 6-2Did not play
Sep 15vs PITL 15-2Did not play
Sep 16vs MIAW 4-310100010000.246.369.615.223
Sep 17vs MIAW 8-0Did not play
Sep 18vs MIAL 5-400000001000.252.369.621.223
Sep 20vs CHWW 7-6Did not play
Sep 21vs CHWW 8-3Did not play
Sep 22@ NYML 9-8Did not play
Sep 23@ NYML 10-510000000100.250.366.616.221
Sep 24@ NYMW 10-8Did not play
Sep 25@ NYML 17-0Did not play
Sep 27@ ATLL 7-610000000100.248.364.612.220
Sep 28@ ATLL 12-2Did not play
Sep 29@ ATLL 5-210000000100.246.361.607.218
Sep 30vs NYML 5-130000000100.241.353.594.213
Monthly Totals 130200031701.214.154.368.154
Oct 1vs NYML 5-340200000000.248.357.605.221
Oct 2vs NYMW 5-230000010000.242.350.592.217
Monthly Totals 70200010000.250.286.536.286