Christian Colon Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through June 22, 2017 Year to Date
Apr 3@ MINL 7-1Did not play
Apr 5@ MINL 9-1Did not play
Apr 6@ MINL 5-3Did not play
Apr 7@ HOUW 5-1Did not play
Apr 8@ HOUW 7-320000000000.
Apr 9@ HOUL 5-4Did not play
Apr 10vs OAKL 2-0Did not play
Apr 12vs OAKL 8-3Did not play
Apr 13vs OAKW 3-1Did not play
Apr 14vs LAAW 7-1Did not play
Apr 15vs LAAW 3-2Did not play
Apr 16vs LAAW 1-020000001100.
Apr 18vs SFL 2-100000000000.
Apr 19vs SFW 2-0Did not play
Apr 20@ TEXL 1-0Did not play
Apr 21@ TEXL 6-2Did not play
Apr 22@ TEXL 2-130000000100.
Apr 23@ TEXL 5-2Did not play
Apr 24@ CHWL 12-1Did not play
Apr 25@ CHWL 10-540100000100.
Apr 26@ CHWL 5-2Did not play
Apr 28vs MINL 6-4Did not play
Apr 30vs MINL 7-5Did not play
Monthly Totals 110100001300.
May 1vs CHWW 6-131100000000.200.143.343.143
May 2vs CHWL 6-030100000000.222.176.398.176
May 3vs CHWW 6-1Did not play
May 4vs CHWL 8-3Did not play
May 5vs CLEW 3-1Did not play
May 6vs CLEL 3-1Did not play
May 7vs CLEL 1-0Did not play
May 8@ TBW 7-3Did not play
May 9@ TBW 7-6Did not play
 Previously with KC, Acquired by MIA
May 17vs HOUL 3-0Did not play
May 18@ LADL 7-220000000000.
May 19@ LADL 7-240110000100.167.333.500.167
May 20@ LADW 10-6Did not play
May 21@ LADL 6-3Did not play
May 23@ OAKW 11-9Did not play
May 24@ OAKL 4-100000000000.167.333.500.167
May 26vs LAAW 8-5Did not play
May 27vs LAAL 5-220100000000.250.375.625.250
May 28vs LAAW 9-221000001000.273.300.573.200
May 29vs PHIW 4-1Did not play
May 30vs PHIW 7-2Did not play
May 31vs PHIW 10-210000000000.250.273.523.182
Monthly Totals 172410001100.278.294.572.235
Jun 1vs ARIL 3-2Did not play
Jun 2vs ARIW 7-540100000000.250.267.517.200
Jun 3vs ARIW 3-0Did not play
Jun 4vs ARIW 6-5Did not play
Jun 5@ CHCL 3-1Did not play
Jun 6@ CHCL 10-220000000100.222.235.457.176
Jun 7@ CHCW 6-510000000100.211.222.433.167
Jun 8@ PITW 7-110000000000.200.211.411.158
Jun 9@ PITW 12-700000000000.200.211.411.158
Jun 10@ PITL 7-6Did not play
Jun 11@ PITL 3-120000000000.182.190.372.143
Jun 13vs OAKW 8-1Did not play
Jun 14vs OAKW 11-610000000000.174.182.356.136
Jun 16@ ATLW 5-030000001000.185.160.345.120
Jun 17@ ATLL 8-742100001100.219.172.391.138
Jun 18@ ATLL 5-4Did not play
Jun 19vs WSHW 8-710000000100.212.167.379.133
Jun 20vs WSHL 12-330100001200.243.182.425.152
Jun 21vs WSHW 2-1Did not play
Jun 22vs CHCL 11-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 222300003600.240.136.376.136