Shane Spencer Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through October 3, 2004 Year to Date
Apr 6@ ATLW 7-2Did not play
Apr 7@ ATLL 18-1051200000000.400.400.800.400
Apr 8@ ATLL 10-820100000100.429.429.858.429
Apr 9@ WSHW 3-220100000000.444.444.888.444
Apr 10@ WSHL 1-000000000000.444.444.888.444
Apr 11@ WSHW 4-130000000100.333.333.666.333
Apr 12vs ATLW 10-641210011000.412.438.850.375
Apr 14vs ATLL 6-140100000100.381.400.781.350
Apr 15vs ATLW 4-030100021000.400.391.791.348
Apr 16vs PITL 7-640101000100.379.444.823.333
Apr 17vs PITL 2-140000000100.333.387.720.290
Apr 18vs PITL 8-141100000100.324.371.695.286
Apr 19vs WSHW 4-1Did not play
Apr 20vs WSHL 2-1Did not play
Apr 21vs WSHL 2-140210000000.341.410.751.308
Apr 22vs WSHW 3-231110000000.370.429.799.310
Apr 23@ CHCL 3-140300000010.400.457.857.348
Apr 24@ CHCL 3-040100000100.389.440.829.340
Apr 25@ CHCL 4-110000000000.382.431.813.333
Apr 27@ LADW 9-541200120200.390.491.881.345
Apr 28@ LADL 3-230100001110.397.483.880.345
Apr 29@ LADW 6-110000000100.391.475.866.339
Apr 30@ SDL 7-621100000000.394.475.869.344
Monthly Totals 61621311531120.394.475.869.344
May 1@ SDL 3-140100000000.386.462.848.338
May 2@ SDW 6-251300020200.400.471.871.357
May 4vs SFW 6-241110000100.392.473.865.351
May 5vs SFW 8-241200130000.398.513.911.359
May 6vs SFW 2-140100000100.391.500.891.354
May 7vs MILL 7-5Did not play
May 8vs MILL 6-4Did not play
May 9vs MILW 6-5Did not play
May 10@ ARIL 12-8Did not play
May 11@ ARIL 9-520000000000.382.488.870.345
May 12@ ARIW 1-040100000000.376.477.853.341
May 13@ ARIW 7-400000000000.376.477.853.341
May 14@ HOUW 8-310000000000.372.472.844.337
May 15@ HOUL 7-431100011100.378.467.845.337
May 16@ HOUW 3-2Did not play
May 18vs STLW 5-410000000000.374.462.836.333
May 19vs STLL 1-010000000000.370.457.827.330
May 20vs STLL 11-410000010100.363.453.816.326
May 21vs COLW 9-710000000000.359.448.807.323
May 22vs COLW 5-410000000100.356.443.799.320
May 23vs COLW 4-031000001020.352.430.782.310
May 25vs PHIW 5-030200011000.366.437.803.320
May 26vs PHIL 7-410100000000.372.442.814.327
May 28@ MIAL 2-140000000200.359.426.785.315
May 29@ MIAL 3-240100000000.355.420.775.313
May 30@ MIAL 8-640210000000.360.431.791.319
May 31@ PHIW 5-311000000000.357.427.784.316
Monthly Totals 5661620183920.317.375.692.286
Jun 1@ PHIW 4-110000001010.359.424.783.314
Jun 2@ PHIW 5-320000001100.359.417.776.308
Jun 3vs MIAW 4-110000000000.356.413.769.306
Jun 4vs MIAL 5-1Did not play
Jun 5vs MIAL 7-641100001100.358.408.766.304
Jun 6vs MIAW 5-242210000000.362.419.781.310
Jun 8@ MINL 2-140100000200.359.414.773.308
Jun 9@ MINL 5-330100000000.358.412.770.309
Jun 10@ MINL 3-230100001010.362.410.772.309
Jun 11@ KCL 7-5Did not play
Jun 12@ KCL 4-300000000000.362.410.772.309
Jun 13@ KCW 5-2Did not play
Jun 15vs CLEW 7-2Did not play
Jun 16vs CLEL 9-1Did not play
Jun 17vs CLEW 6-2Did not play
Jun 18vs DETW 3-230000000200.355.401.756.303
Jun 19vs DETW 4-310000000000.353.399.752.301
Jun 20vs DETW 6-1Did not play
Jun 22vs CINW 7-410100010000.357.403.760.306
Jun 23vs CINL 6-410000000000.354.400.754.303
Jun 24vs CINL 6-2Did not play
Jun 26@ NYYW 9-300000000000.354.400.754.303
Jun 27@ NYYL 8-1Did not play
Jun 27@ NYYL 11-610000000000.352.397.749.301
Jun 29@ CINW 7-5Did not play
Jun 30@ CINL 2-010000000000.350.395.745.299
Monthly Totals 303710014620.324.267.590.233
Jul 1@ CINW 7-631100131000.354.413.767.300
Jul 2vs NYYW 11-241100000100.351.409.760.299
Jul 3vs NYYW 10-941220031000.358.424.782.304
Jul 4vs NYYW 6-540000000200.350.414.764.296
Jul 5@ PHIL 6-540000000100.343.404.747.289
Jul 6@ PHIW 4-100000000000.343.404.747.289
Jul 7@ PHIW 10-110000000100.341.401.742.287
Jul 8@ PHIL 5-4Did not play
Jul 9@ MIAW 6-3Did not play
Jul 10@ MIAL 5-221110010100.342.408.750.290
Jul 11@ MIAL 5-241210010100.346.416.762.295
Jul 15vs PHIW 3-240000001100.342.407.749.288
Jul 16vs PHIL 5-110000000000.340.404.744.287
Jul 17vs PHIL 8-2Did not play
Jul 18vs PHIW 6-100000010000.338.404.742.287
Jul 19vs MIAL 6-541100130200.337.418.755.286
Jul 20vs MIAL 9-710000000000.335.415.750.284
Jul 21vs WSHW 5-410000000000.333.413.746.283
Jul 22vs WSHL 4-110000000100.332.411.743.281
Jul 24vs ATLL 5-2Did not play
Jul 25vs ATLL 4-3Did not play
Jul 26@ WSHL 19-10Did not play
Jul 27@ WSHW 4-2Did not play
Jul 28@ WSHL 7-4Did not play
Jul 29@ WSHW 10-1Did not play
Jul 30@ ATLL 3-1Did not play
Jul 31@ ATLL 8-0Did not play
Monthly Totals 38684021231100.262.474.736.211
 Previously with NYM, Acquired by NYY
Aug 17@ MINL 8-2Did not play
Aug 18@ MINL 7-2Did not play
Aug 19@ MINW 13-10Did not play
Aug 20vs LAAL 5-0Did not play
Aug 21vs LAAL 6-1Did not play
Aug 22vs LAAL 4-3Did not play
Aug 23@ CLEW 6-4Did not play
Aug 24@ CLEW 5-4Did not play
Aug 25@ CLEL 4-3Did not play
Aug 26@ TORW 7-4Did not play
Aug 27@ TORW 8-7Did not play
Aug 28@ TORW 18-6Did not play
Aug 29@ TORL 6-4Did not play
Aug 31vs CLEL 22-0Did not play
Sep 1vs CLEW 5-3Did not play
Sep 2vs CLEW 9-1Did not play
Sep 3vs BALL 3-1Did not play
Sep 4vs BALL 7-0Did not play
Sep 5vs BALW 4-3Did not play
Sep 6vs TBW 7-4Did not play
Sep 7vs TBW 11-2Did not play
Sep 9vs TBW 9-1Did not play
Sep 9vs TBW 10-5Did not play
Sep 10@ BALL 14-8Did not play
Sep 11@ BALW 5-2Did not play
Sep 12@ BALW 9-7Did not play
Sep 13@ KCL 17-8Did not play
Sep 14@ KCW 4-0Did not play
Sep 15@ KCW 3-0Did not play
Sep 17vs BOSL 3-2Did not play
Sep 18vs BOSW 14-4Did not play
Sep 19vs BOSW 11-1Did not play
Sep 20vs TORL 6-3Did not play
Sep 21vs TORW 5-3Did not play
Sep 22vs TORL 5-4Did not play
Sep 23vs TBW 7-3Did not play
Sep 24@ BOSW 6-4Did not play
Sep 25@ BOSL 12-5Did not play
Sep 26@ BOSL 11-4Did not play
Sep 29vs MINW 5-3Did not play
Sep 29vs MINW 5-4Did not play
Sep 30vs MINW 6-4Did not play
Oct 1@ TORL 7-0Did not play
Oct 2@ TORL 4-2Did not play
Oct 3@ TORW 3-2Did not play
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau