Russell Branyan Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through September 28, 2011 Year to Date
Apr 1@ COLW 7-6000000010001.000.0001.000.000
Apr 2@ COLL 3-110000000000.500.000.500.000
Apr 4@ CHCL 4-130200001100.667.5001.167.500
Apr 5@ CHCL 6-510000000100.571.400.971.400
Apr 6@ CHCW 6-4Did not play
Apr 8vs CINW 13-2Did not play
Apr 9vs CINL 6-140210000200.545.5561.101.444
Apr 10vs CINW 10-810000000000.500.5001.000.400
Apr 11vs STLL 8-210000000000.462.455.917.364
Apr 12vs STLW 13-841210001100.500.5331.033.400
Apr 13vs STLL 15-542200121100.522.6841.206.421
Apr 15vs SFL 5-240000000100.444.5651.009.348
Apr 16vs SFL 5-3Did not play
Apr 17vs SFW 6-510000000000.429.542.971.333
Apr 19@ CINW 5-410000000000.414.520.934.320
Apr 20@ CINW 3-130000001200.394.464.858.286
Apr 21@ CINL 7-410000000000.382.448.830.276
Apr 22@ NYML 4-140110000200.368.455.823.273
Apr 23@ NYML 6-410000000100.359.441.800.265
Apr 24@ NYML 8-4Did not play
Apr 25vs PHIW 4-0Did not play
Apr 26vs PHIW 7-5Did not play
Apr 27vs PHIL 8-4Did not play
Apr 28vs CHCW 11-241210001100.386.474.860.289
Apr 29vs CHCL 4-240110000100.375.476.851.286
Apr 30vs CHCL 5-340000000100.346.435.781.261
Monthly Totals 46412501261500.346.435.781.261
May 1vs CHCW 4-3Did not play
May 3vs COLW 4-3Did not play
May 4vs COLL 6-410000000000.340.426.766.255
May 5vs COLW 3-210000000000.333.417.750.250
May 6@ SDL 4-310000000100.327.408.735.245
May 7@ SDW 6-010000000000.321.400.721.240
May 8@ SDL 4-300000001000.333.400.733.240
May 10@ SFL 1-0Did not play
May 11@ SFL 4-310000000000.328.392.720.235
May 12@ SFL 3-240000000200.306.364.670.218
May 13@ LADL 4-310000000100.302.357.659.214
May 14@ LADW 1-030000000100.288.339.627.203
May 15@ LADW 4-1Did not play
May 16vs SDL 8-410000000000.284.333.617.200
May 17vs SDW 6-110000000000.279.328.607.197
May 18vs ATLW 5-410100000000.290.339.629.210
May 19vs ATLW 2-1Did not play
May 20vs MINW 8-7Did not play
 Previously with ARI, Acquired by LAA
May 26vs OAKL 4-310000000000.
May 27@ MINW 6-530000010100.
May 28@ MINL 1-030000000200.
May 29@ MINW 6-540100000210.
May 30@ KCW 10-850100000200.
May 31@ KCL 7-310000000100.
Monthly Totals 3303000111310.
Jun 1@ KCL 2-030000000100.
Jun 3vs NYYW 3-231100000000.
Jun 4vs NYYL 3-2Did not play
Jun 5vs NYYL 5-3Did not play
Jun 6vs TBL 5-1Did not play
Jun 7vs TBL 4-120000000000.
Jun 8vs TBL 4-3Did not play
Jun 10vs KCL 4-2Did not play
Jun 11vs KCW 7-530100001210.167.143.310.143
Jun 12vs KCL 9-000000001000.194.143.337.143
Jun 13@ SEAW 6-3Did not play
Jun 14@ SEAW 4-030100010000.206.161.367.161
Jun 15@ SEAL 3-100000001000.229.161.390.161
Jun 17@ NYMW 4-310000000000.222.156.378.156
Jun 18@ NYML 6-120000000000.211.147.358.147
Jun 19@ NYMW 7-3Did not play
Jun 20@ MIAW 2-1Did not play
Jun 21@ MIAL 5-250100000200.209.154.363.154
Jun 22@ MIAW 6-510000000000.205.150.355.150
Jun 24@ LADW 8-300000000000.205.150.355.150
Jun 25@ LADW 6-111110000000.222.195.417.171
Jun 26@ LADL 3-2Did not play
Jun 27vs WSHW 4-3Did not play
Jun 28vs WSHW 11-5Did not play
Jun 29vs WSHW 1-0Did not play
Monthly Totals 242510013510.296.250.546.208
Jul 1vs LADL 5-0Did not play
Jul 2vs LADW 7-1Did not play
Jul 3vs LADW 3-121100121000.250.279.529.186
Jul 4vs DETW 5-1Did not play
Jul 5vs DETW 1-020000001200.255.267.522.178
Jul 6vs DETL 5-4Did not play
Jul 7vs SEAW 5-1Did not play
Jul 8vs SEAW 4-3Did not play
Jul 9vs SEAW 9-3Did not play
Jul 10vs SEAW 4-2Did not play
Jul 15@ OAKL 5-321000002000.273.255.528.170
Jul 16@ OAKW 4-2Did not play
Jul 16@ OAKL 4-3Did not play
Jul 17@ OAKL 9-100000001000.286.255.541.170
Jul 19vs TEXL 7-000000001000.298.255.553.170
Jul 20vs TEXW 9-8Did not play
Jul 21vs TEXW 1-0Did not play
Jul 22@ BALW 6-1Did not play
Jul 23@ BALL 3-230000000000.283.240.523.160
Jul 24@ BALW 9-3Did not play
Jul 25@ CLEL 3-2Did not play
Jul 26@ CLEW 2-1Did not play
Jul 27@ CLEW 3-1Did not play
Jul 28@ DETW 12-7Did not play
Jul 29@ DETL 12-2Did not play
Jul 30@ DETW 5-1Did not play
Jul 31@ DETL 3-2Did not play
Monthly Totals 92100126200.467.444.911.111
Aug 2vs MINW 5-1Did not play
Aug 3vs MINL 11-4Did not play
Aug 4vs MINW 7-1Did not play
Aug 5vs SEAW 1-0Did not play
Aug 6vs SEAL 5-1Did not play
Aug 7vs SEAW 2-1Did not play
Aug 9@ NYYW 6-4Did not play
Aug 10@ NYYL 9-300000000000.283.240.523.160
Aug 11@ NYYL 6-511100130000.295.314.609.176
Aug 12@ TORW 5-130110001200.308.333.641.185
Aug 13@ TORL 11-210000000100.303.327.630.182
Aug 14@ TORL 5-4Did not play
Aug 15vs TEXL 8-421100120100.309.386.695.193
Aug 16vs TEXL 7-3Did not play
Aug 17vs TEXL 4-3Did not play
Aug 18vs TEXW 2-120000001000.310.373.683.186
Aug 19vs BALW 8-3Did not play
Aug 20vs BALW 9-8Did not play
Aug 21vs BALW 7-1Did not play
Aug 23vs CHWW 5-4Did not play
Aug 24vs CHWW 8-0Did not play
Aug 26@ TEXL 11-711100130000.319.433.752.200
Aug 27@ TEXW 8-4Did not play
Aug 28@ TEXL 9-5Did not play
Aug 29@ SEAL 5-3Did not play
Aug 30@ SEAW 13-610000000000.315.426.741.197
Aug 31@ SEAL 2-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 113410382400.4621.2731.734.364
Sep 1@ SEAW 4-3Did not play
Sep 2vs MINL 13-510000000000.311.419.730.194
Sep 3vs MINW 10-6Did not play
Sep 4vs MINW 4-1Did not play
Sep 5vs SEAW 7-3Did not play
Sep 6vs SEAL 2-1Did not play
Sep 7vs SEAW 3-1Did not play
Sep 9vs NYYW 2-1Did not play
Sep 10vs NYYW 6-0Did not play
Sep 11vs NYYL 6-510000000000.307.413.720.190
Sep 12@ OAKL 6-3Did not play
Sep 13@ OAKW 6-3Did not play
Sep 14@ OAKW 4-1Did not play
Sep 16@ BALL 8-3Did not play
Sep 17@ BALL 6-2Did not play
Sep 18@ BALW 11-2Did not play
Sep 19@ TORL 3-2Did not play
Sep 20@ TORW 10-6Did not play
Sep 21@ TORW 7-2Did not play
Sep 22@ TORL 4-310000000100.303.406.709.188
Sep 23vs OAKL 3-1Did not play
Sep 24vs OAKW 4-2Did not play
Sep 25vs OAKL 6-5Did not play
Sep 26vs TEXL 4-310000000100.299.400.699.185
Sep 27vs TEXL 10-3Did not play
Sep 28vs TEXL 3-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 40000000200.