Jason Phillips Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through September 30, 2007 Year to Date
Apr 2@ DETW 5-300000000000.
Apr 4@ DETL 10-9Did not play
Apr 6@ TBL 6-5Did not play
Apr 7@ TBW 8-531200001100.750.6671.417.667
Apr 8@ TBW 6-3Did not play
Apr 9vs KCW 9-1Did not play
Apr 10vs KCL 6-320100000000.667.6001.267.600
Apr 11vs KCW 7-4Did not play
Apr 12vs DETL 5-430100000000.556.5001.056.500
Apr 13vs DETW 2-1Did not play
Apr 14vs DETL 10-7Did not play
Apr 15vs DETW 2-1Did not play
Apr 17vs BOSW 2-1Did not play
Apr 18vs BOSL 4-130000000100.417.364.781.364
Apr 19vs BOSL 5-3Did not play
Apr 20@ BALL 5-4Did not play
Apr 21@ BALL 5-220000001000.400.308.708.308
Apr 22@ BALL 7-3Did not play
Apr 23@ BOSW 7-330100010100.389.313.702.313
Apr 24@ BOSW 10-340200000000.409.350.759.350
Apr 26@ NYYW 6-040000000100.346.292.638.292
Apr 27vs TEXL 5-330000000100.310.259.569.259
Apr 28vs TEXL 9-810000000000.300.250.550.250
Apr 29vs TEXW 7-340300010000.353.313.666.313
Apr 30vs TEXW 6-130000001100.342.286.628.286
Monthly Totals 3511000023600.342.286.628.286
May 1@ CLEL 12-431110000200.341.316.657.289
May 2@ CLEL 7-600000000000.341.316.657.289
May 3@ CLEL 6-540220020100.356.381.737.310
May 4@ TEXL 7-1Did not play
May 5@ TEXL 11-430000001000.347.356.703.289
May 6@ TEXL 3-230100000000.346.354.700.292
May 8vs BOSL 9-240000000200.321.327.648.269
May 9vs BOSL 9-3Did not play
May 10vs BOSL 8-010000000000.316.321.637.264
May 11vs TBW 5-140110020100.311.333.644.263
May 12vs TBW 5-400000000000.311.333.644.263
May 13vs TBL 2-120000000100.302.322.624.254
May 14vs BALW 5-331110010100.303.339.642.258
May 15vs BALW 2-120000000000.294.328.622.250
May 16vs BALW 2-120000000100.286.318.604.242
May 18@ PHIL 5-310000000100.282.313.595.239
May 19@ PHIW 13-240100000000.289.310.599.239
May 20@ PHIL 5-320000001000.291.301.592.233
May 22@ BALW 6-432200111000.313.355.668.250
May 23@ BALL 5-221100001000.326.359.685.256
May 24@ BALW 5-440100010100.322.354.676.256
May 25@ MINL 4-330100000100.323.353.676.259
May 26@ MINW 9-810000000000.319.349.668.256
May 27@ MINL 4-240100010000.316.344.660.256
May 28vs NYYW 7-240000000000.304.330.634.245
May 29vs NYYW 3-230000000000.295.320.615.237
May 30vs NYYL 10-500000000000.295.320.615.237
May 31vs CHWW 2-0Did not play
Monthly Totals 62513501841200.269.339.607.210
Jun 1vs CHWL 3-030100000000.296.320.616.240
Jun 2vs CHWW 9-3Did not play
Jun 3vs CHWW 4-321100002000.313.324.637.245
Jun 5vs TBW 12-1111110010000.319.340.659.252
Jun 6vs TBL 6-230000000000.310.330.640.245
Jun 7vs TBL 5-321000001000.311.324.635.241
Jun 8@ LADL 4-340000000000.301.313.614.232
Jun 9@ LADW 1-030000000000.294.304.598.226
Jun 10@ LADW 11-5Did not play
Jun 11@ SFL 4-330000000000.287.297.584.220
Jun 12@ SFL 3-220100000001.290.300.590.225
Jun 13@ SFW 7-441100010000.294.298.592.226
Jun 15vs WSHW 7-2Did not play
Jun 16vs WSHW 7-3Did not play
Jun 17vs WSHL 4-220000000000.290.294.584.222
Jun 19vs LADL 10-110000000100.288.291.579.220
Jun 20vs LADW 12-1Did not play
Jun 21vs LADL 8-4Did not play
Jun 22vs COLW 9-8Did not play
Jun 23vs COLW 11-620000000000.284.287.571.217
Jun 24vs COLW 5-0Did not play
Jun 25@ MINW 8-5Did not play
Jun 26@ MINL 2-1Did not play
Jun 27@ MINW 5-4Did not play
Jun 28@ MINL 8-530000000000.278.280.558.212
Jun 29@ SEAL 5-3Did not play
Jun 30@ SEAL 8-3Did not play
Monthly Totals 354510023101.231.171.402.143
Jul 1@ SEAL 2-1Did not play
Jul 2@ OAKW 11-751100000000.275.277.552.212
Jul 3@ OAKL 3-1Did not play
Jul 4@ OAKW 10-3Did not play
Jul 6vs CLEW 8-6Did not play
Jul 7vs CLEL 9-4Did not play
Jul 8vs CLEW 1-0Did not play
Jul 12@ BOSL 7-4Did not play
Jul 13@ BOSW 6-5Did not play
Jul 14@ BOSL 9-4Did not play
Jul 15@ BOSW 2-140110000100.275.284.559.213
Jul 16@ NYYL 6-4Did not play
Jul 17@ NYYL 3-2Did not play
Jul 18@ NYYL 6-130000000100.269.278.547.208
Jul 19@ NYYW 3-2Did not play
Jul 20vs SEAL 4-2Did not play
Monthly Totals 121210000200.167.250.417.167
 Previously with TOR, Acquired by MIA
Aug 1vs COLW 4-3Did not play
Aug 2vs COLL 4-3Did not play
Aug 3vs HOUL 8-2Did not play
Aug 4vs HOUW 6-5Did not play
Aug 5vs HOUW 6-5Did not play
Aug 7@ PHIL 11-1Did not play
Aug 8@ PHIL 6-4Did not play
Aug 9@ PHIW 4-2Did not play
Aug 10@ NYMW 4-3Did not play
Aug 11@ NYMW 7-5Did not play
Aug 12@ NYML 10-4Did not play
Aug 14vs ARIW 14-5Did not play
Aug 15vs ARIL 9-6Did not play
Aug 16vs ARIL 5-4Did not play
Aug 17vs SFL 3-0Did not play
Aug 18vs SFL 4-3Did not play
Aug 19vs SFL 6-5Did not play
Aug 20vs SFL 8-7Did not play
Aug 21@ STLL 5-2Did not play
Aug 22@ STLL 6-4Did not play
Aug 23@ STLW 11-3Did not play
Aug 24@ CINL 5-3Did not play
Aug 25@ CINL 11-7Did not play
Aug 26@ CINL 9-3Did not play
Aug 27vs ATLL 13-2Did not play
Aug 28vs ATLW 4-3Did not play
Aug 29vs ATLL 7-4Did not play
Aug 31vs PHIL 9-2Did not play
Sep 1vs PHIW 12-6Did not play
Sep 2vs PHIW 7-6Did not play
Sep 3@ WSHL 6-3Did not play
Sep 4@ WSHL 4-3Did not play
Sep 5@ WSHL 6-4Did not play
Sep 7@ PHIW 6-3Did not play
Sep 8@ PHIL 9-1Did not play
Sep 9@ PHIL 8-5Did not play
Sep 10vs WSHL 5-4Did not play
Sep 11vs WSHW 13-8Did not play
Sep 12vs WSHW 5-4Did not play
Sep 14@ COLW 7-6Did not play
Sep 15@ COLW 10-2Did not play
Sep 16@ COLL 13-0Did not play
Sep 17@ ATLL 11-6Did not play
Sep 18@ ATLL 4-3Did not play
Sep 19@ ATLL 5-1Did not play
Sep 20vs NYMW 8-7Did not play
Sep 21vs NYML 9-6Did not play
Sep 22vs NYML 7-2Did not play
Sep 23vs NYML 7-6Did not play
Sep 25vs CHCW 4-2Did not play
Sep 26vs CHCW 7-4Did not play
Sep 27vs CHCW 6-4Did not play
Sep 28@ NYMW 7-4Did not play
Sep 29@ NYML 13-0Did not play
Sep 30@ NYMW 8-1Did not play