Ryan Freel Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through August 4, 2009 Year to Date
Apr 6vs NYYW 10-5Did not play
Apr 8vs NYYW 7-5Did not play
Apr 9vs NYYL 11-200000000000.
Apr 10vs TBW 5-430000001100.
Apr 11vs TBW 6-0Did not play
Apr 12vs TBL 11-301000002000.500.000.500.000
Apr 13@ TEXW 10-910000000000.429.000.429.000
Apr 14@ TEXW 7-530000000200.300.000.300.000
Apr 15@ TEXL 19-620100000000.333.111.444.111
Apr 17@ BOSL 10-821000012000.375.091.466.091
Apr 18@ BOSL 6-4Did not play
Apr 19@ BOSL 2-130000000100.316.071.387.071
Apr 20@ BOSL 12-110100000000.350.133.483.133
Apr 21vs CHWW 10-3Did not play
Apr 22vs CHWL 8-2Did not play
Apr 23vs CHWW 6-2Did not play
Apr 24vs TEXL 5-4Did not play
Apr 25vs TEXL 6-5Did not play
Apr 26vs TEXW 8-5Did not play
Apr 27vs TEXL 6-4Did not play
Apr 28vs LAAL 7-5Did not play
Apr 29vs LAAL 3-2Did not play
Monthly Totals 152200015400.350.133.483.133
May 1@ TORL 8-4Did not play
May 2@ TORL 5-4Did not play
May 3@ TORL 4-3Did not play
May 4@ TBW 8-4Did not play
May 5@ TBL 6-3Did not play
May 6vs MINW 4-1Did not play
May 7vs MINW 5-4Did not play
 Previously with BAL, Acquired by CHC
May 9@ MILL 12-6Did not play
May 10@ MILW 4-2101000000001.0001.0002.0001.000
May 12vs SDW 6-2Did not play
May 13vs SDW 6-430000000100.250.250.500.250
May 14vs SDW 11-310000000100.200.200.400.200
May 16vs HOUW 5-410000000000.167.167.334.167
May 17vs HOUL 6-510000000000.
May 19@ STLL 3-0Did not play
May 20@ STLL 2-100000000000.
May 21@ STLL 3-130000000100.
May 22@ SDL 4-0Did not play
May 23@ SDL 3-1Did not play
May 24@ SDL 7-2Did not play
May 25vs PITL 10-830100011000.214.154.368.154
May 26vs PITW 6-130000000100.176.125.301.125
May 27vs PITW 5-220100000000.211.167.378.167
May 28vs LADL 2-1Did not play
May 29vs LADW 2-1Did not play
May 30vs LADW 7-0Did not play
May 31vs LADL 8-2Did not play
Monthly Totals 180300011400.211.167.377.167
Jun 2@ ATLL 6-5Did not play
Jun 3@ ATLW 3-2Did not play
Jun 5@ CINW 2-1Did not play
Jun 6@ CINL 4-3Did not play
Jun 7@ CINW 6-3Did not play
Jun 9@ HOUW 7-1Did not play
Jun 10@ HOUL 2-1Did not play
Jun 11@ HOUL 2-1Did not play
Jun 12vs MINL 7-4Did not play
Jun 13vs MINL 2-0Did not play
Jun 14vs MINW 3-2Did not play
Jun 17vs CHWL 4-1Did not play
Jun 18vs CHWW 6-5Did not play
Jun 19vs CLEW 8-7Did not play
Jun 20vs CLEW 6-5Did not play
Jun 21vs CLEW 6-2Did not play
Jun 22@ ATLL 2-0Did not play
Jun 23@ DETL 5-4Did not play
Jun 24@ DETL 5-3Did not play
Jun 25@ DETL 6-5Did not play
Jun 26@ CHWW 5-410000000000.200.158.358.158
Jun 27@ CHWL 8-741000000100.
Jun 28@ CHWL 6-020100001110.250.160.410.160
Jun 29@ PITW 3-130000000100.226.143.369.143
Jun 30@ PITL 3-0Did not play
Monthly Totals 101100001310.250.100.350.100
Jul 1@ PITW 4-1Did not play
 Previously with CHC, Acquired by KC
Jul 7@ DETL 8-531100000100.348.167.515.167
Jul 8@ DETL 3-120100001000.385.200.585.200
Jul 9@ BOSW 8-632100011000.400.217.617.217
Jul 10@ BOSL 1-030000000100.364.192.556.192
Jul 11@ BOSL 15-951110010100.342.226.568.194
Jul 12@ BOSL 6-0Did not play
Jul 17vs TBL 8-7Did not play
Jul 18vs TBL 4-210000000000.333.219.552.188
Jul 19vs TBL 4-310000000100.325.212.537.182
Jul 21vs LAAL 8-5Did not play
Jul 21vs LAAL 10-230100000200.326.222.548.194
Jul 22vs LAAL 9-640200010000.340.250.590.225
Jul 24vs TEXL 2-000000000000.340.250.590.225
Jul 25vs TEXW 6-341210000000.353.295.648.250
Jul 26vs TEXL 7-230000001000.345.277.622.234
Jul 27@ BALW 5-350100000200.333.269.602.231
Jul 28@ BALW 4-300000000000.333.269.602.231
Jul 29@ BALL 7-3Did not play
Jul 30@ BALL 7-340000000200.313.250.563.214
Jul 31@ TBL 8-2Did not play
Monthly Totals 41510200331000.295.293.588.244
Aug 1@ TBL 7-1Did not play
Aug 2@ TBW 4-112100000000.323.263.586.228
Aug 3@ TBL 10-431000001200.319.250.569.217
Aug 4vs SEAL 7-600000000000.319.250.569.217
Monthly Totals 43100001200.400.250.650.250