Pete Laforest Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through September 30, 2007 Year to Date
Apr 13@ LADL 9-1Did not play
Apr 14@ LADW 7-231100011200.500.333.833.333
Apr 15@ LADL 9-3Did not play
Apr 16@ CHCL 12-431210001000.625.6671.292.500
Apr 17@ CHCW 4-310000000000.556.5711.127.429
Apr 18vs ARIL 5-240200000100.538.5451.083.455
Apr 19vs ARIW 11-6Did not play
Apr 20@ COLW 11-1Did not play
Apr 21@ COLW 7-3Did not play
Apr 22@ COLL 4-2Did not play
Apr 24@ ARIW 10-5Did not play
Apr 25@ ARIL 3-230000001100.471.429.900.357
Apr 26@ ARIL 7-4Did not play
Apr 27vs LADL 6-5Did not play
Apr 28vs LADW 3-2Did not play
Apr 29vs LADL 5-420000000100.421.375.796.313
Apr 30vs WSHL 3-2Did not play
Monthly Totals 162510013500.421.375.796.313
May 1vs WSHW 3-0Did not play
May 2vs WSHW 7-3Did not play
Aug 11@ CINL 8-3Did not play
Aug 12@ CINW 10-4Did not play
Aug 14vs COLW 8-0Did not play
Aug 15vs COLL 3-0Did not play
Aug 16vs COLW 11-933300121000.522.6321.154.421
Aug 17vs HOUL 3-110000000100.500.6001.100.400
Aug 18vs HOUL 3-211000001100.500.5711.071.381
Aug 19vs HOUW 5-3Did not play
Aug 21@ NYML 7-6Did not play
Aug 22@ NYMW 7-5Did not play
Aug 23@ NYMW 9-8Did not play
Aug 24@ PHIW 14-3Did not play
Aug 25@ PHIW 4-3Did not play
Aug 26@ PHIL 14-241100000100.467.520.987.360
Aug 27vs ARIW 3-1Did not play
Aug 28vs ARIW 6-4Did not play
Aug 29vs ARIW 3-1Did not play
Aug 30vs ARIL 8-7Did not play
Aug 31vs LADW 6-4Did not play
Monthly Totals 95400122300.545.7781.323.444
 Previously with SD, Acquired by PHI
Sep 5@ ATLL 9-811100010000.484.5381.022.385
Sep 7vs MIAL 6-310000000100.469.519.988.370
Sep 8vs MIAW 9-1Did not play
Sep 9vs MIAW 8-5Did not play
Sep 10vs COLW 6-5Did not play
Sep 11vs COLL 8-210000000100.455.500.955.357
Sep 12vs COLL 12-010000000100.441.483.924.345
Sep 13vs COLW 12-410000000000.429.467.896.333
Sep 14@ NYMW 3-2Did not play
Sep 15@ NYMW 5-301000001000.444.467.911.333
Sep 16@ NYMW 10-6Did not play
Sep 17@ STLW 13-11Did not play
Sep 18@ STLW 7-410000000000.432.452.884.323
Sep 19@ STLL 2-110000000100.421.438.859.313
Sep 20@ WSHW 7-600000000000.421.438.859.313
Sep 21@ WSHW 6-300000001000.436.438.874.313
Sep 22@ WSHW 4-110000000000.425.424.849.303
Sep 23@ WSHL 5-310000000000.415.412.827.294
Sep 25vs ATLL 10-610000000000.405.400.805.286
Sep 26vs ATLW 5-2Did not play
Sep 27vs ATLW 6-410000000000.395.389.784.278
Sep 28vs WSHW 6-0Did not play
Sep 29vs WSHL 4-2Did not play
Sep 30vs WSHW 6-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 112100012400.231.091.322.091
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau