Andy Phillips Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through September 28, 2008 Year to Date
May 28vs PITW 9-1Did not play
May 29vs PITL 7-230000000000.
May 30vs ATLW 3-2Did not play
May 31vs ATLW 8-700000001000.
Monthly Totals 30000001000.
Jun 1vs ATLW 6-211000000000.
Jun 2@ PHIL 5-410100000000.333.200.533.200
Jun 3@ PHIL 3-2Did not play
Jun 4@ PHIW 2-0Did not play
Jun 5@ PHIL 5-010000000000.286.167.453.167
Jun 6@ MIAW 11-320100010000.333.250.583.250
Jun 7@ MIAL 8-750110030200.286.308.594.231
Jun 8@ MIAL 9-2Did not play
Jun 9@ MIAW 9-410000000000.267.286.553.214
Jun 10vs STLL 7-2Did not play
Jun 11vs STLL 10-020000000000.235.250.485.188
Jun 12vs STLW 6-210000001000.263.235.498.176
Jun 13vs BOSW 3-110000000000.250.222.472.167
Jun 14vs BOSL 6-410000000100.238.211.449.158
Jun 15vs BOSL 9-000000000000.238.211.449.158
Jun 17vs LADL 3-1Did not play
Jun 18vs LADL 6-110000000100.227.200.427.150
Jun 19vs LADL 7-410000000000.217.190.407.143
Jun 20@ NYYW 4-2Did not play
Jun 21@ NYYW 6-0Did not play
Jun 22@ NYYL 4-1Did not play
 Previously with CIN, Acquired by NYM
Jun 25vs SEAW 8-2Did not play
Jun 27@ NYYW 15-610000000000.208.182.390.136
Jun 27vs NYYL 9-010000000000.200.174.374.130
Jun 28vs NYYL 3-220000000000.185.160.345.120
Jun 29vs NYYW 3-1Did not play
Jun 30@ STLL 7-111100000000.214.192.406.154
Monthly Totals 232410041400.208.217.426.174
 Previously with NYM, Acquired by CIN
Jul 4vs WSHW 3-010000000000.207.185.392.148
Jul 5vs WSHW 3-2Did not play
Jul 6vs WSHW 6-5Did not play
Jul 8@ CHCL 7-310000000100.200.179.379.143
Jul 9@ CHCL 5-1Did not play
Jul 10@ CHCW 12-710000000000.194.172.366.138
Jul 11@ MILW 6-511000010000.188.167.355.133
Jul 12@ MILW 8-2Did not play
Jul 13@ MILL 3-230110000100.200.212.412.152
Jul 17vs NYML 10-810100000000.222.235.457.176
Jul 18vs NYMW 5-2Did not play
Jul 19vs NYMW 7-210000000100.216.229.445.171
Jul 20vs NYML 7-510000000000.211.222.433.167
Jul 21vs SDL 6-4Did not play
Jul 22vs SDW 4-3Did not play
Jul 23vs SDW 9-5Did not play
Jul 25vs COLL 7-210000000100.205.216.421.162
Jul 26vs COLL 5-110000000100.200.211.411.158
Jul 27vs COLL 11-000000001000.220.211.431.158
Jul 28@ HOUL 5-410000000000.214.205.419.154
Jul 29@ HOUL 6-2Did not play
Jul 30@ HOUW 9-510000000000.209.200.409.150
Monthly Totals 141210011500.200.214.414.143
Aug 1@ WSHL 5-220100001000.239.214.453.167
Aug 2@ WSHL 10-6Did not play
Aug 3@ WSHL 4-210000000000.234.209.443.163
Aug 4vs MILW 6-3Did not play
Aug 5vs MILL 8-110000000000.229.205.434.159
Aug 6vs MILL 6-3Did not play
Aug 7vs HOUL 7-410000000000.224.200.424.156
Aug 8vs HOUL 9-510100000000.240.217.457.174
Aug 9vs HOUL 3-1Did not play
Aug 10vs HOUL 13-440100000000.241.220.461.180
Aug 12@ PITW 5-1Did not play
Aug 13@ PITL 5-230110000000.246.245.491.189
Aug 14@ PITW 3-111000000000.241.241.482.185
Aug 15vs STLL 5-3Did not play
Aug 16vs STLL 9-311100110000.254.309.563.200
Aug 17vs STLW 7-3Did not play
Aug 19@ CHCL 5-0Did not play
Aug 20@ CHCW 2-1Did not play
Aug 21@ CHCL 3-2Did not play
Aug 22@ COLW 8-510000000000.250.304.554.196
Aug 23@ COLL 7-610000000000.246.298.544.193
Aug 24@ COLL 4-3Did not play
Aug 26@ HOUW 2-1Did not play
Aug 27@ HOUL 4-1Did not play
Aug 28@ HOUL 3-2Did not play
Aug 29vs SFW 11-7Did not play
Aug 30vs SFW 7-6Did not play
Aug 31vs SFW 9-311100000000.258.310.568.207
Monthly Totals 183610111000.368.556.924.333
Sep 2vs PITL 3-2Did not play
Sep 3vs PITL 6-510000000100.254.305.559.203
Sep 4vs PITW 8-611100000000.266.317.583.217
Sep 5vs CHCW 10-2Did not play
Sep 6vs CHCL 14-910000000000.262.311.573.213
Sep 7vs CHCW 4-310000000100.258.306.564.210
Sep 8@ MILW 5-4Did not play
Sep 9@ MILW 5-410000000000.254.302.556.206
Sep 10@ MILL 4-321100000000.271.308.579.215
Sep 12@ ARIL 3-2Did not play
Sep 13@ ARIW 3-2Did not play
Sep 14@ ARIW 2-1Did not play
Sep 16vs STLW 7-2Did not play
Sep 17vs STLW 3-041100110200.270.348.618.217
Sep 18vs STLL 5-410000000000.267.343.610.214
Sep 19vs MILW 11-211100110000.276.394.670.225
Sep 20vs MILW 4-331000001100.275.378.653.216
Sep 21vs MILL 8-131100001000.286.377.663.221
Sep 22vs MIAW 7-510100020000.294.385.679.231
Sep 23@ HOUW 2-1Did not play
Sep 24@ HOUL 5-0Did not play
Sep 25@ HOUL 8-6Did not play
Sep 26@ STLL 7-6Did not play
Sep 27@ STLL 8-5Did not play
Sep 28@ STLL 11-4Did not play
Monthly Totals 206600242500.391.600.991.300
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau