Rene Rivera Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through October 1, 2017 Year to Date
Apr 3vs ATLW 6-030100000000.333.333.666.333
Apr 5vs ATLL 3-1Did not play
Apr 6vs ATLW 6-2Did not play
Apr 7vs MIAL 7-230210000100.500.6671.167.500
Apr 8vs MIAL 8-1Did not play
Apr 9vs MIAW 5-230000000100.333.444.777.333
Apr 10@ PHIW 4-3Did not play
Apr 11@ PHIW 14-4Did not play
Apr 12@ PHIW 5-4Did not play
Apr 13@ MIAW 9-820000000200.273.364.637.273
Apr 14@ MIAL 3-240200000100.333.400.733.333
Apr 15@ MIAL 5-430000000100.278.333.611.278
Apr 16@ MIAL 4-2Did not play
Apr 18vs PHIL 6-2Did not play
Apr 19vs PHIW 5-410100000000.316.368.684.316
Apr 20vs PHIL 6-440100010200.304.348.652.304
Apr 21vs WSHL 4-330000001000.296.308.604.269
Apr 22vs WSHL 3-130000000100.267.276.543.241
Apr 23vs WSHL 6-3Did not play
Apr 26vs ATLL 8-220000010100.242.258.500.226
Apr 27vs ATLL 7-5Did not play
Apr 28@ WSHW 7-5Did not play
Apr 29@ WSHW 5-310000000100.235.250.485.219
Apr 30@ WSHL 23-541200110100.263.361.624.250
Monthly Totals 3619101311200.263.361.624.250
May 1@ ATLW 7-5Did not play
May 2@ ATLL 9-7Did not play
May 3@ ATLW 16-562300030000.295.381.676.286
May 5vs MIAW 8-741200010000.313.391.704.304
May 6vs MIAW 11-3Did not play
May 7vs MIAL 7-030100000000.314.388.702.306
May 8vs SFW 4-340200000000.327.396.723.321
May 9vs SFW 6-140210010100.339.421.760.333
May 10vs SFL 6-5Did not play
May 12@ MILL 7-440100000200.333.410.743.328
May 13@ MILL 11-4Did not play
May 14@ MILL 11-940100020001.328.400.728.323
May 15@ ARIL 7-330100011100.338.397.735.324
May 16@ ARIL 5-431100121000.347.437.784.324
May 17@ ARIL 5-4Did not play
May 19vs LAAW 3-040100010100.342.427.769.320
May 20vs LAAW 7-531000001300.337.410.747.308
May 21vs LAAL 12-5Did not play
May 23vs SDW 9-341100000100.333.402.735.305
May 24vs SDL 6-550000000300.315.379.694.287
May 25vs SDL 4-3Did not play
May 26@ PITW 8-150100000200.309.370.679.283
May 27@ PITL 5-4Did not play
May 28@ PITW 7-2Did not play
May 29vs MILW 4-221110010000.320.383.703.287
May 30vs MILW 5-4Did not play
May 31vs MILL 7-140110000200.317.388.705.286
Monthly Totals 627193011231601.348.403.752.306
Jun 1vs MILL 2-1Did not play
Jun 2vs PITL 12-7Did not play
Jun 3vs PITW 4-230000000200.308.376.684.277
Jun 4vs PITL 11-1Did not play
Jun 6@ TEXL 10-8Did not play
Jun 7@ TEXW 4-3Did not play
Jun 9@ ATLL 3-2Did not play
Jun 10@ ATLW 6-130100001200.315.375.690.279
Jun 10@ ATLW 8-1Did not play
Jun 11@ ATLW 2-140000000200.304.361.665.269
Jun 12vs CHCW 6-1Did not play
Jun 13vs CHCL 14-3Did not play
Jun 14vs CHCW 9-4Did not play
Jun 15vs WSHL 8-331100110000.305.387.692.270
Jun 16vs WSHL 7-2Did not play
Jun 17vs WSHL 7-440000000400.295.374.669.261
Jun 18vs WSHW 5-1Did not play
Jun 19@ LADL 10-6Did not play
Jun 20@ LADL 12-020100000000.304.376.680.265
Jun 21@ LADL 8-2Did not play
Jun 22@ LADL 6-310000000000.302.373.675.263
Jun 23@ SFW 11-4Did not play
Jun 24@ SFW 5-2Did not play
Jun 25@ SFW 8-252200230100.305.423.728.268
Jun 27@ MIAL 6-3Did not play
Jun 28@ MIAW 8-0Did not play
Jun 29@ MIAW 6-340000000000.296.409.705.260
Jun 30vs PHIW 2-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 2935003411100.226.483.709.172
Jul 1vs PHIW 7-6Did not play
Jul 2vs PHIL 7-120000001100.297.403.700.256
Jul 3@ WSHL 3-200000000000.297.403.700.256
Jul 4@ WSHL 11-431100111100.303.424.727.258
Jul 7@ STLW 6-5Did not play
Jul 8@ STLL 4-1Did not play
Jul 9@ STLL 6-030100000200.303.422.725.259
Jul 14vs COLW 14-2Did not play
Jul 15vs COLW 9-3Did not play
Jul 16vs COLL 13-431100001000.309.420.729.261
Jul 17vs STLL 6-3Did not play
Jul 18vs STLL 5-030000000000.303.411.714.255
Jul 19vs STLW 7-3Did not play
Jul 20vs STLW 3-230000000100.297.403.700.250
Jul 21vs OAKW 7-5Did not play
Jul 22vs OAKW 6-5Did not play
Jul 23vs OAKL 3-230000000100.291.395.686.245
Jul 24@ SDW 5-3Did not play
Jul 25@ SDW 6-5Did not play
Jul 26@ SDL 6-340000000100.284.384.668.238
Jul 27@ SDL 7-5Did not play
Jul 28@ SEAW 7-540000000300.277.374.651.232
Jul 29@ SEAL 3-2Did not play
Jul 30@ SEAL 9-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 2823001131000.194.214.408.107
Aug 1@ COLL 5-4Did not play
Aug 2@ COLW 10-5Did not play
Aug 3@ COLL 5-420100011000.288.376.664.236
Aug 4vs LADL 6-0Did not play
Aug 5vs LADL 7-441200110200.293.398.691.242
Aug 6vs LADL 8-0Did not play
Aug 8vs TEXW 5-4Did not play
Aug 9vs TEXL 5-120000000000.290.393.683.239
Aug 10@ PHIW 10-0Did not play
Aug 11@ PHIW 7-640000000200.283.383.666.234
Aug 12@ PHIL 3-1Did not play
Aug 13@ PHIW 6-2Did not play
Aug 14@ NYYL 4-230000000000.279.376.655.229
Aug 15@ NYYL 5-4Did not play
Aug 16vs NYYL 5-341100110100.278.391.669.230
Aug 17vs NYYL 7-5Did not play
Aug 18vs MIAL 3-1Did not play
 Previously with NYM, Acquired by CHC
Aug 20vs TORW 6-531100000000.279.390.669.232
Aug 22@ CINW 13-900000000000.279.390.669.232
Aug 23@ CINW 9-3Did not play
Aug 24@ CINL 4-220000001100.280.385.665.229
Aug 25@ PHIL 7-1Did not play
Aug 26@ PHIW 17-2Did not play
Aug 27@ PHIL 6-330000000300.276.379.655.225
Aug 28vs PITW 6-1Did not play
Aug 29vs PITW 4-1Did not play
Aug 30vs PITW 17-351310000100.284.390.674.235
Aug 31vs ATLW 6-220100012100.293.392.685.238
Monthly Totals 3449102441100.359.471.830.265
Sep 1vs ATLW 2-0Did not play
Sep 2vs ATLW 14-1252200140100.295.407.702.242
Sep 3vs ATLL 5-130000000200.291.401.692.239
Sep 4@ PITL 12-0Did not play
Sep 5@ PITL 4-330000001000.290.395.685.235
Sep 6@ PITW 1-0Did not play
Sep 7@ PITW 8-230100010100.291.394.685.236
Sep 8vs MILL 2-0Did not play
Sep 9vs MILL 15-2Did not play
Sep 10vs MILL 3-130210010100.296.403.699.243
Sep 12vs NYMW 8-300000000000.296.403.699.243
Sep 13vs NYMW 17-522220020000.302.418.720.250
Sep 14vs NYMW 14-6Did not play
Sep 15vs STLW 8-2Did not play
Sep 16vs STLW 4-110000000000.301.416.717.249
Sep 17vs STLW 4-300000000000.301.416.717.249
Sep 19@ TBW 2-1Did not play
Sep 20@ TBL 8-120110000100.303.422.725.251
Sep 21@ MILW 5-3Did not play
Sep 22@ MILW 5-4Did not play
Sep 23@ MILL 4-3Did not play
Sep 24@ MILW 5-0Did not play
Sep 25@ STLW 10-2Did not play
Sep 26@ STLL 8-7Did not play
Sep 27@ STLW 5-130000001300.302.416.718.248
Sep 28@ STLW 2-110000000100.300.414.714.247
Sep 29vs CINW 5-410000000000.299.412.711.245
Sep 30vs CINW 9-022200130000.305.431.736.252
Monthly Totals 296104021121000.387.6901.077.345
Oct 1vs CINL 3-1Did not play
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau