Umpire crews named for playoffs

NEW YORK -- Scott Barry, completing just his second season as a full-time major league umpire, has been selected to work the AL division series between Detroit and Oakland.

The 36-year-old was the lone umpire with no previous postseason experience announced Friday among the 24 for the division series. He was a minor league ump from 2000-10 and started as a big league fill-in in 2005.

Barry will be in right field for Saturday's opener, which means under the normal rotation he will not work behind the plate in the best-of-five series.

Dana DeMuth heads that crew, with Gerry Davis, Brian Gorman and Joe West crew chiefs for the other series.

Jim Reynolds will work the plate for the Athletics-Tigers opener, with Mark Wegner at first, DeMuth at second, Eric Cooper at third and Wally Bell in left.

The New York Yankees' series against Baltimore or Texas will have Tony Randazzo behind the plate in Game 1, with Angel Hernandez at first, Gorman at second, Fieldin Culbreth at third, Mike Everitt in left and Mark Carlson in right.

The Cincinnati-San Francisco series starts with Phil Cuzzi behind the plate, Brian O'Nora at first, Davis at second, Dan Iassogna at third, Tom Hallion in left and Chad Fairchild in right.

Washington's series against Atlanta or St. Louis begins with Paul Emmel at the plate, Marvin Hudson at first, West at second, Jim Joyce at third, Alfonso Marquez in left and Ed Hickox in right.

For the new wild-card series, Jeff Kellogg worked the plate for the Cardinals and Braves on Friday, with Mike Winters at first, Gary Cederstom at second, Jeff Nelson at third, Sam Holbrook in left and Rob Drake in right.

Gary Darling was behind the plate for the Orioles and Rangers, with Jerry Layne at first, Ted Barrett at second, Bill Miller at third, Greg Gibson in left and Chris Guccione in right.