Trainer: Doug Fister symptom-free

DETROIT -- Two days after being hit in the head by a line drive in Game 2 of the World Series, Detroit Tigers pitcher Doug Fister has shown "no symptoms" of a concussion, Tigers head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Saturday.

Rand said Fister was examined both Friday and Saturday, and "at no point" has shown any symptoms since being struck by a Gregor Blanco line drive.

"He's never had a headache. He's never had dizziness. Nothing," Rand said. "He's had no symptoms at any time."

Fister had not had a CT scan or an MRI because he showed no symptoms that would trigger those tests, Rand said. However, Fister was examined by Dr. Michael Workings, a physician who also works with the NFL's Detroit Lions and deals frequently with concussion issues, Rand said, and was cleared to work out and pitch.

The Tigers' medical staff put Fister through standard concussion testing both during and after Thursday's game, Rand said, and then followed up over the last two days, because "our biggest concern was delayed onset. But he has not had that."

"The replay looked far worse than what actually occurred," Rand said. "If you look at the ball, the ball continued on to center field. ... All he had was an abrasion of the scalp. He didn't even have a hematoma."

Asked how lucky Fister was to emerge from this incident relatively unscathed, Rand replied: "Tremendously lucky. Very lucky."