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Wednesday, October 23
Nen's circumstance alters Baker's approach to 'pen news services

The Giants are downplaying it, but the fact that they're acknowledging it means it's a concern.

Robb Nen

Closer Robb Nen has had trouble getting his right arm loose during the World Series. He reportedly is available to pitch, but manager Dusty Baker conceded Tuesday night that Nen's predicament could impact the way he uses him for the remainder of the Series.

There is no indication, however, of Nen having a significant injury.

"It's much like the Jason Isringhausen situation," Baker told reporters Tuesday, referring to the St. Louis Cardinals' closer. "They really didn't want to use him in the eighth inning, have him sit down, then get up again and pitch the ninth."

Isringhausen pitched with, but was hindered by, a sore right shoulder for much of the second half of the regular season and during the Division Series and NL Championship Series. He is scheduled to undergo an arthroscopic cleanup procedure this week.

Giants head trainer Stan Conte refused comment on Nen when asked by the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Giants believe Nen's arm responded poorly to the four days off between the NLCS and the World Series. But no one is panicking that he's seriously hurt.

"It's not like we're sitting there in the eighth inning praying he can get loose," a source told the Chronicle.

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