Sound off on the Cardinals

The Cardinals have more holes than most defending World Series champions, but before dismissing them, consider this:

1. They still have the best player in baseball (Albert Pujols) and the best starter in the NL (Chris Carpenter).

2. If there's a pitching coach who can whip up a rotation from scratch, it's Dave Duncan.

3. Kip Wells won't be another Sidney Ponson.

4. Catcher Yadier Molina is as good as it gets behind the dish.

5. Scott Rolen and Tony La Russa are on the same page again.

6. Double plays will be a regular occurrence with Adam Kennedy and David Eckstein up the middle.

7. Jason Isringhausen's hip and shoulder appear to be healthy.

8. GM Walt Jocketty isn't afraid to pull the trigger on trades.

9. It might only take 85 wins to win the Central.

10. Nobody expects a repeat.

Will the Cards become the first back-to-back champion since the Yankees won three in a row (1998-2000), or is St. Louis going to fade quickly from memory? Let us know what you think.